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Wynonna Judd Weight Loss

Learn how Wynonna Jude lost over 60 pounds and how she transformed her lifestyle.

Wynonna Judd is known around the world for being an award winning country singer, but in recent years she has been famous because of her incredible weight loss journey she has gone through.  Even though her husband had gone through an terrible scandal, Wynonna Judd was able to take this terrible time of her life and create a healthier lifestyle because of it.  If you are looking to learn more about the Wynonna Judd weight loss strategy, read through our complete guide.

Dealing with a public scandal with her husband and everything involved made the past few years difficult for Wynonna, but she shocked the world with her incredible attitude, but more apparent was how she lost 60 pounds.  

Wynonna Judd has struggled with her weight for years, so how was she able to lose weight and keep it off?

Wynonna Judd Explains Her Weight Loss Journey On Oprah

While explaining the whole journey on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Wynonna, who was 46 years old at the time, explained how she managed to lose weight by using exercise as a weight to cope with her personal issues.  She coined the term "meditative walking" which has now become a staple of the Wynonna Judd weight loss program.

Wynonna started walking as she found it to be a great stress reliver, but she soon found that it was also helping with her weight loss struggles.  Wynonna went on to say "I just started walking not really thinking about doing it as a fitness exercise and weight loss program... And I just kept walking - next thing I know, I like to walk"

By combining her new found walking program, and positive self talk, Wynonna Judd was able to start shedding pounds left and right.  This was just the beginning of her weight loss journey that helped her lose 60lbs in total. She has since moved to a completely keto diet but she thinks the weight loss process is a journey and not a sprint.

How Weight Loss Changed Wynonna Judd's Life

Not only has her weight loss journey helped her feel more confident but it has also given her much more energy.  Wynonna Judd has recently taken up pole dancing classes as another form of fitness that is enjoyable.  She is a prime example of how important it is to find a form of fitness that you love.

She has also seen an improvement in her general health as a whole because of her recent lifestyle changes.  As many people may have seen online, Wynonna Jude had to have her damaged stomach muscles, as well as blog clots surgically repairs because of a car wreck she was in.  Recovering from accidents like this can make your weight loss process much more difficult, but Wynonna Judd worked even harder to improve her diet and health as a whole.  She has drastically improved her diet, as well as her diet and has been able to lose 60 pounds because of it. She utilized some of the diets that are talked about in our Halki Diabetes Remedy article. Reports claim that Wynonna has also used health supplements to help improve her weight loss. You can read our RiduZone Review, ThermoFight X Review, and Modere Trim Review if you are interested in learning more.

Wynonna Judd Diet Program

Along with her new fitness program, a cruical part of the Wynonna Judd weight loss program, she has completely altered her diet.  She used to rely on quick processed food like fast food because of her busy schedule.  But once Wynonna Judd began her weight loss journey she completely changed her diet program.

She cleared out her pantry of all the unhealthy food.  And began filling it with healthy food that was free of processed sugars, as well as adding fresh fruit and vegetables to her daily diet.  Similar to the Issa Rae weight loss story, with enough dedication and lifestyle changes she was able to receive great benefits.  She started with only water and drinking the best green tea brands available to her instead of drinking sugary drinks.  Soon she was so invested in her health that she was making her own juices and experiments such as golden turmeric paste and liquid gold juice.  This was able to give her more energy for her everyday life as well as help her lose weight.  If you are trying to follow in Wynonna's footsteps then I highly recommend you start with a daily walk as well as altering your diet program.

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