Practical Reasons Why You Need a Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance is one of those things you don’t really think about until you finally need it. Like all forms of insurance, making the payments each month can be extremely annoying, but there is a reason to have it. Homeowners insurance covers a myriad of different issues that can occur and can give you the financial security that you need to overcome it. Here are some practical reasons as to why you need homeowners insurance.

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Protects Against Damage To Your Home

The first major reason to get homeowners insurance is that it will give your home protection from any damage that might occur. If a major storm hits for example and rips your home up and causes severe damage to it, you will be compensated for all of the damage that occurs. Seeing as how houses are extremely expensive, you will want to have some sort of security blanket in case that it happens. You are also covered by things such as fire and lightning, and you can check this site to see what other types of incidents that you are covered by. You might not think it, but you are also covered by vandalism and theft too. 

The one disaster that you will have to see if it is covered by though is flooding. Some areas will not provide flood coverage in homeowners insurance, whether it be due to the area flooding frequently, or there will be too many payouts. You could look into plans that cover flooding, therefore giving you the protection that you need. If you want to ensure that your home is always protected, then you are going to want homeowners insurance.

Personal Property

Just like your home is covered from all of the above issues, so is everything that is within your home. If your house is broken into and vandalized and the thieves make out with a ton of your personal belongings, these will be covered by the insurance company. The extent of the coverage depends on your premium, however, so you might not get the full amount for all of your assets. Along with that, there is often a certain limit placed upon personal property coverage, meaning you are only insured up to a certain amount. What if your personal property leaves your home? With homeowners insurance, if you travel, the belongings that you take are covered as well. This is another reason as to why you need to have homeowners insurance.

Coverage Within Your Car

Did you know that your items within your car are covered under your homeowners’ insurance policy? If anything gets stolen or damaged within the vehicle, you can create a claim and they will be covered. If any damage occurs to the vehicle itself, however, you will need to use automobile insurance to cover that.


Another reason why you need homeowners insurance is in the case of liability protection. This coverage protects other people if they get injured on your property. A good example of this would be someone slipping on ice on your sidewalk or driveway. It is your responsibility to salt the surfaces, therefore if someone slips and injures themselves on your property, they have grounds for a lawsuit. Having homeowners insurance will protect you in a circumstance like this and allow you to not have to worry financially. These lawsuits can reach up to a million dollars if not more in compensation, so the last thing you want is to find your whole life ruined because of one small accident.

Damage To Someone Else’s Property

Finally, if your house or property is responsible for damaging another person’s property, you will be covered through homeowners insurance. If your house were to catch on fire and then the fire spreads to the home adjacent to you, they would be covered through your insurance policy. This makes homeowners insurance important, especially in areas where housing is close together as one disaster can quickly spread to multiple homes in the area. Since the accident started within your home, you will be held responsible for all the damage that is incurred from it.

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These are all practical reasons as to why you need homeowners insurance. At the end of the day, this form of insurance is used as a safety net. Houses are such large investments, and the last thing you want is for one act of God to come and ruin everything. Find a payment plan that works for you and find the right coverage. You might hate having to make payments now, but if a situation ever arises where you need to make a claim, you will be thankful. What type of homeowners insurance are you looking into getting?

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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