7 Reasons Why Playing Basketball Is Good for Teenagers

With a new academic year knocking at the doors, it is little wonder that you want to know the sports activities that will benefit your child the most. They can carry out such activities once their school hours end, and they are intended to help your teenage kids in various ways. These include staying active, finding a healthy outlet for their boundless energy and enthusiasm, and getting relief from stress resulting from the day's work at their schools.

What are the benefits of playing basketball

Basketball is one of the best options open to you when looking for great outdoor or sports activities for your kids. It is especially suited for growing children and teenagers. Young basketball players not only get the uses of practicing a rigorous sport, but it also serves to help them stay active during the later parts of their lives.

Children stand to benefit in many ways by playing basketball. The seven more significant such benefits are as follows:

It Exercises Your Whole Body

Its briskness characterizes basketball. While doing it, you will need to jump and run a lot, not to mention passing and dribbling the ball and eventually shooting it for the basket. Basketball is particularly useful for teenagers uninterested in sports, making them dull and lazy or turning overweight. One great thing about basketball is the minimal amount of equipment you need to play the game. Even if you don't have a basketball court facility in your neighborhood or near you, consider playing the game in an open area. You can put up baskets or youth basketball hoops to serve the same purpose as hoops in a basketball court. The continuous movement that is an integral part of playing basketball ensures that your teenage kid burns a significant calorie amount and shed fat.

It Enhances Your Endurance

Like all other high-intensity sporting activities, basketball results in several benefits to your kid's cardiovascular health. The bursts of basketball sessions serve as interval training that involves the entire body without the kids realizing it themselves. Interval training presents the body with great benefits like enhanced energy levels, aerobic capacity, and better metabolism. All this facilitates the teenager's ability to focus and concentrate while they are in school or college.

It Provides Greater Motor Control

We can control our limb movements naturally and without any special effort. But it takes rigorous training and thorough practice through repeated sessions of playing basketball to pass the ball and shoot for the net accurately. Practicing such drills both within the outside of basketball courts let's children enhance muscle strength grading and offers superior ability to control body position. Finally, teenagers can also gain from sequences of successful movements as far as their motor skills are concerned.

It Increases Ankle Stability

Basketball involves a lot of agility training due to the game's need of running in several directions, cutting back and forth, turning and pivoting. Engaging in all such movements tests out lower joints and body muscles, more so the ankle area. When teenagers play organized basketball, it teaches them how to carry out all such activities without hurting themselves. Basketball particularly stands out amongst ball sports when it comes to strengthening teenagers' balance reactions and strategies and helps to ensure that no future injury takes place.

Increases Body Balance And Coordination

Like most team sports, basketball requires a tremendous amount of coordination in the totality of the body, especially the upper body. It also calls for appropriate hand-eye coordination. While you dribble or pass or make baskets, it needs a significant amount of precision, planning, and fast reflexes and reactions. The challenge posed by the game's need to walk backward or turn or run while you dribble while staying aware of other players is impressive. It calls for a tremendous amount of body awareness and coordination.

why teenagers should play basketball

It Makes You More Agile

Basketball is particularly briskly paced, which needs the players to think fast in terms of their feet movement and respond just as swiftly. In basketball, the plays can change direction and momentum at any point in the game. The players need to react accordingly. This makes it necessary that teenagers who play the game practice mental drills rather than solely rely on physical techniques. Basketball works to increase young players' agility by requiring them to dodge other players and pursue aggressive gameplay.

It Boosts Social Skills Too

To succeed in a team sport, you must maintain high discipline and communication levels. Teenagers can pick up useful skills about team-work, pay attention to the players, and respond according to the situation's demands. It prepares adolescents for the social interaction they will have at a later point in their lives. Through basketball and other team sports, youngsters get a valuable lesson on sharing responsibilities and dealing with both successes and failure.

The last thing to mention about basketball is that your teenage kid can also get an opportunity to represent their schools and colleges at local or state levels. Basketball is one of the best sports for adolescents, and you should try to get your kid involved in it. Sports provide several physical benefits beyond simple exercises, and basketball might be the sport that's perfect for your adolescent child!

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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