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What You Should Know About Vegan Lifestyle

Going vegan is something that a lot of people have been pondering for some time but haven’t quite made the leap yet. It can be an exciting thing, switching to a new diet and a new lifestyle change. Going vegan isn’t just about changing what you eat, it’s an entirely different mindset.

This new change of lifestyle brings with it new opportunities, but also new changes that can result in some new challenges as well. It is important to know what you’re getting yourself into when you go vegan, so here is some important information to help you make the change go as smoothly as possible.

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Social Aspect of Veganism

Veganism is going to result in a lot of jokes and a lot of questions, but the social aspects of it don’t end in prying conversation about why you give up meat. Going out to eat might become a sore spot within your friend group because people won’t be sure how to suggest restaurants that you can eat at. The good news is that most restaurants are offering vegan and vegetarian options at the minimum. Being vegan doesn’t have to hurt your ability to go out to eat with friends, even if they can’t stop making jokes about it.

Veganism Beyond Food

Another reason why veganism is about more than just food is the fact that being vegan can mean more than just avoiding eating meat and animal by-products. If you look at Get Vegan, you can see that some people choose not to buy products that use animal by-products. Avoiding wearing leather or animal furs, and using sustainable products is another aspect of being vegan that some people choose to adhere to. It is often about more than just not eating meat, it is about respecting animals as equals in this regard.

How to Get The Right Nutrients

The common concern with going vegan is wondering how you will get the right amount of nutrients. It is true that you may miss out on a lot of vitamins or minerals that you would have normally gotten from meats or dairy. Things like B12 and iron are two big nutrients you will need to supplement with other sources than just plant-based foods. Vitamin capsules and other alternatives can help with this. It isn’t nearly as hard as many people make it out to be, but it is good to mention that you will likely notice that your diet doesn’t contain certain nutrients because of the switch.

Changes to Your Body

No, going vegan won’t make serious changes, but you are going to notice some effects early on. Your body is used to consuming and processing meats and dairy, so when you end up going vegan it can cause issues with things like producing waste, aka pooping. You might feel a little stomach sick for a bit as your body adjusts, but this is a normal process, and you might not even deal with it. Odds are though that you will start to notice some changes for a bit. Another thing is that you might feel better and feel more clarity in the mind when you switch to veganism, as some people mention that they don’t feel as down.

Learning to Read Labels

Going to the grocery store when you become vegan is going to be a bit of culture shock as you will be reading labels more than you ever have before in your life. Checking to make sure that products are vegan is not always the most fun, but it is important that you don’t ingest anything that might not agree with your new lifestyle or agree with your stomach. Many products do a good job of branding well to indicate they are vegan, but you better get used to reading ingredient lists thoroughly.

Easing Into It

You don’t need to jump into veganism full-sail like many others who try. A good reason why some people don’t end up sticking with it is that their body feels bad when they switch to veganism because it is a shock to the system. For this, you can ease into it by gradually weaning off of dairy and meat and going vegetarian, then get more and more into eating and living a vegan lifestyle. It may just help you stick with it long term.

Deciding to go vegan could be a great way to feel healthier and happier, both with your lifestyle choices and your eating habits. Regardless of your moral stance on being vegan, it is important to understand what it means and why you are choosing to commit to it, beyond just the food aspect.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.