What You Should Know About Stairlift Helpers

Stairlift helpers are tools used to help people go up and down the stairs. It is a great aid to those who have injuries, disabilities and the elderly.

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When you decide to get a stairlift helper, you may think that it is simply about going to a store and picking up one. However, there is much more involved. Therefore, you need to know as much about stairlift helpers as you can. The following are some things you should know about stairlift helpers:

You Have Different Options

There are very many types of stairlift helpers and you will have to choose one for your house. Unfortunately, most people only find this out once they are at the store.

A common option for stairlift helpers has powered ones which may include a power swivel seat or a power-folding footrest. Other options include upholstery and folding rails. You can even paint the rails to match the décor.

You need to examine your options so that you can get one that is suitable for your needs. The best stairlift helper at the store might be very impractical when you get home.

The Type of Stairs Matters

Stairs come in all shapes and sizes depending on very many factors. Some may be straight and smooth while some might be jagged or curvy.

Therefore, it is crucial to examine your stairs before you get a stairlift helper. You will need to get a stairlift helper that is suitable for the stairs in your house.

In some cases, the stairlift helper will have to be modified so that it can be functionally used alongside your stairs. Customization brings with it the issue of price because customized stairlift helpers will be more expensive than generic ones.


The price will always matter whenever you are buying anything. However, when you are buying a stairlift helper for a loved one, the price takes on a completely different meaning.

You will definitely need to assess the price range of the helper you can afford. You can check out to see how different stairlift helpers are priced. You should know what affects the prices as well. You should have a budget before looking for a stairlift helper. If you do not, issues like customization can really dig into your budget.

They Have Controls

Stairlift helpers need controls for them to function. Though they are easy to use, you or your loved one need to understand the controls for you to use them effectively. There are armrest controls which are located on the stairlift’s armrest. They make it very easy to operate the stairlift helper.

You can also choose wall-mounted controls located at the top and the bottom of the stairs. If so, the user of the stairlift will need help using the controls. The best controls are pressure contact controls which require the operator to apply pressure to use. A great example is a joystick that moves the stairlift helper.

Get Safety Features

Although stairlift helpers are strong tools that move slow, there is still an element of danger. Just like any machine, they are prone to malfunction so you should ensure that you get safety features for the device. You should familiarize yourself with the safety features of the stairlift helper as soon as you get it. The better you understand them, the less chance of accidents happening on the device.

Examples of safety features you can find on a stairlift helper include seat belts and safety switches. The best stairlift helpers will have automatic safety sensors that stop the device whenever it gets into contact with anything.

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Consider the Carrying Capacity

The stairlift helper is designed to get people up and down the stairs so the weight of the person matters. The same goes regardless of whether it is a powered stairlift helper. Therefore, when choosing a stairlift helper, you should seriously consider the size of the person who will be using it. you will need a bigger and stronger chair for heavier people.

How much weight the stairlift helper can handle will substantially influence its durability. Generally speaking, the more it can handle, the more durable it will be. The carrying capacity of the stairlift helper will also determine its size. Some modifications might be necessary when installing the stairlift helper to accommodate for the size of the user. 

In conclusion, there is much to know about stairlift helpers. The above are only the basic things you should know as there is much more to learn. If you take the above factors into consideration, you should have your basics covered. It will make a substantial difference as to whether you regret or accept your decision.

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