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What You Should Know About Herbal Supplements And How They Can Help You

Herbal supplements have gained much popularity in recent years. An increase in chronic diseases and global pandemics has created a health crisis. It’s not surprising that many people are exploring natural ways to improve their well-being.

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Covid-19 has exposed the fragility of life. With our health under threat, how can we regain some control and build a strong and robust immune system capable of fighting any nasty viruses that head our way?


Before modern medicine seduced us with its ready-made pills, preventative vaccines, and symptom suppressing nasal sprays, health solutions were found in the natural world. In the past acquiring knowledge of the plant world was crucial for people’s health. For most individuals,  having knowledge of healing herbs, or knowing someone that did, was the difference between life and death. During the Roman Empire, the only remedies for illness came from plants. In the 5th century, there were around 400 herbs in use. The holistic approach to healing has its origins in India, China, and Greece. 

Today there is a resurgence of ancient practices; in fact, some countries have always followed a less traditional healthcare approach. 

So what types of herbs are used, and for what? 

Herbal supplements and benefits 

The advantage of taking herbal supplements is that you avoid some of the nasty side effects you get from some traditional medicines. If you take medication for acute conditions such as heart disease or an autoimmune disorder, you should check any possible interactions. If they are safe to mix, you can use herbal supplements to complement any other medicines you need. 

Herbs such as willow bark, devil’s claw, and Kratom were all used for their pain-relieving and relaxing properties. Today many herbs are ground down and made into a convenient capsule. If you suffer from anxiety or pain, you may get some benefits from taking Kratom for its calming qualities. This may come in the form of powder or capsules.

Evening Primrose Oil is a wildflower used to treat hormonal issues. If you suffer from mood swings associated with the menstrual cycle, this humble flower can help ease symptoms and bring relief. 

Using the herb St John's Wort is an effective treatment for depression and a good alternative to antidepressants. It’s thought to work in a similar way to an SSRI by boosting serotonin and elevating mood. Most health food shops will stock it, or it can be purchased online. Never mix SJW with antidepressants prescribed by your doctor to avoid serotonin syndrome, a dangerous condition caused by too much serotonin.

If you only change one thing from this day forward, introducing Ginger into your daily culinary delights, or taking a supplement, will do wonders for your well-being. Ginger is a versatile herb that has a plethora of benefits. It’s teeming with antioxidants and can help with nausea, inflammation, digestive issues, colds & viruses as well as a host of other ailments. The good news is that it’s delicious and easy to incorporate into the diet. You can add it to curries and stir-fries, or make a spicy tea. If you find the peppery taste a little too overwhelming, then various supplements are available to purchase online. 

The flowering plant Echinacea is native to North America and can be used to boost immunity, especially during the winter months. Because it contains phenols, which protect plants from infections, it can be used in a similar way for us. It is very versatile, and many use it to treat: 

  • Colds and flu
  • Yeast infections 
  • Upper respiratory infections 
  • Cancer treatment 

It’s available as a tincture, capsules, ointment, and you can have it as an injection in some countries. It’s relatively cheap, so a great addition to your well-being. 

A soothing herbal supplement ideal for calming the digestive system and healing wounds is Aloe Vera. AV is grown in tropical climates but can be grown indoors in colder countries. Aloe Vera juice contains a wealth of nutrition and is useful for skin complaints, IBS and GERD. It’s usually produced as a juice or ointment; great to add to your first aid kit. 

Quality Check 

We all know the importance of checking the quality of purchases, especially online. When deciding on herbal supplements,  research the company you wish to buy from and read reviews. The FDA does not regulate herbal medicines, so it’s wise to talk to your doctor for advice before taking supplements you are unsure of.

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Introducing herbal supplements can benefit your health significantly. Do your research and consult a doctor before taking supplements. Choose wisely, and hopefully, you’ll be brimming with energy in no time.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.