What You Should Know About Filing a Disability Claim

If you have a disability that prevents you from earning a living you may be eligible for a disability claim. You will get monthly payments that are meant to help you lead a somewhat healthy and functional life. However, the road from applying for a disability claim to actually getting it is long and complex and you will need a lot of help on the way. Here is what you need to know about filing for a disability claim.

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Types of Disability Claims

Depending on the cause and severity of your disability there are different types of disability claims. There are social security, workers’ compensation, and veteran disability benefits. You are eligible for veteran disability benefits if you have become disabled during or because of your service. According to veterans law attorneys, many veterans have become disabled as a direct result of being in the presence of burn pits in Iraq. Each of those types of disability claims requires you to present details and evidence of what happened to you. If you aren’t sure if you are eligible, consult with a professional. 

Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Claims

If you have a lasting medical problem that makes you unable to work and earn an income you are eligible for a long-term disability claim. However, if you have a condition that only requires you to stop working for a certain amount of time, a short-term disability claim is what will cover for the time you were unable to work. These claims will usually cover only a part of your paycheck and are offered as an employee benefit at certain companies.

What Qualifies You?

As previously stated, you need to have an impairment that prevents you from earning an income. There are different requirements that you need to fulfill to be able to apply. For example, if you have gained a disability during active service in the military after you have not received a dishonorable discharge, you are eligible for a veteran’s disability claim. However, it is not that simple. Depending on the benefit you are aiming for you need to fulfill more specific requirements.

How to Apply

It is recommended to apply as soon as the first symptoms arrive because it will allow you to collect more evidence. You don’t need to submit everything at once. The application can be submitted online, or directly at the office. You can do it personally or through your disability attorney. You need to fill out forms and give a statement. Be as transparent and detailed as possible. Keep everything from the date of the first showing of symptoms to medical records.

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What Do You Need to Submit?

This is probably the most complex part of the whole process. You need to build up evidence to support your claims. Everything related to your disability will be useful. Collect all medical records, therapy details, witness claims, and more. The more evidence you present the process will be quicker and your case will be stronger. The first thing you should do is prove that you are eligible. In this case, quantity is crucial. Some types of disability claims will even require you to prove that you have worked for a certain amount of time before your disability.

Waiting Period

After you have applied for the disability claim and presented all the evidence, it needs to be approved. This is the longest part of the whole process. Nobody can tell for certain how long it will last. It could even stretch out for many years. The waiting period could be shortened if you apply for certain types of disability programs. Also, the stronger your case is, the shorter it will be. That is why it is important to do everything properly and cover every possibility that could lead to rejection.

Consult With a Professional

As you can see, there are many elements to consider. To avoid having the additional stress of doing it all alone, hire a professional to help you. Hiring a good disability attorney will help you with your case. They will cover every detail and fight for you in case you are not satisfied with the outcome. Make sure they are experienced and knowledgeable on the matter. Don’t be afraid to ask them anything you need to know and be as transparent as possible. Collecting all the documentation you need will be in their hands.

If you are unable to work, temporarily or not, there is no reason not to claim the benefits that are offered to you. Besides the finances you need for a living, therapy costs could be extremely costly. Disability benefits will cover at least half of it so you will be able to have a little bit of peace. Apply as soon as possible and find a reliable attorney to help you to collect what you’re due. 

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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