What You Need to Know About Eucalyptus Cooling Bed Sheets

Sleep is crucial for the health of our bodies and our minds. Essentially, without sleep we will not be able to function. However, it is important to note that we require more than just laying somewhere and close our eyes for a few hours – the quality of sleep is just as important (or more!) as the quantity of sleep you get.

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There are many different factors that will improve the quality of sleep of an individual. Factors such as darkness and room temperature as well as well background noise or the quality of your mattress and sheets can make the difference between sleeping well and feeling refreshed and sleeping poorly and waking up more tired than you were when you went to bed.

Room temperature remains one of the most important variables contributing to sleep quality – Many individuals struggle to sleep particularly in the Summer when it gets incredibly hot at night. Considering that your body temperature also changes when you snooze, some people may struggle to sleep well. In such cases, having the right sheets will make a significant difference. In this article, we will advise you of what you need to know about eucalyptus cooling bed sheets.

What Are Eucalyptus Bed Sheets Made Of?

The Eucalyptus tree is very unique and has grown in popularity, particularly in the textile industry as it is considered a sustainable and ethical material that can be used. Professionals in this industry use a specific process to transform Eucalyptus into soft fiber, which can be used to create clothing pieces and bedding sheets. When the Eucalyptus tree is cut, it is done in a way so that the roots are maintained enabling it to continue growing. This makes it a great way to create bedding and clothing items that are comfortable and environmentally friendly too. 

Who Should Use Eucalyptus Bed Sheets?

As we mentioned previously, temperature is a significant contributing factor to sleep quality. Some individuals struggle more than others, as their own body temperature changes dramatically overnight. This can result in disruptive night sweats that make you wake up every now and then due to the low comfort levels in your own bed. The sleep experts at suggest that it is important to think about the type of sheets you use, as they are not all the same and some may worsen your condition. Eucalyptus sheets provide a cooling sensation, and it essentially makes your bed feel like ‘the cold side of the pillow’ at all times. These sheets will not make you feel too hot or sticky, and are therefore, the perfect item for any hot sleeper.

What Are The Benefits of Eucalyptus Sheets?

No Toxic Chemicals

Being in bed is a time for comfort and relaxation, and no one should have to worry about exposure to harsh chemicals. The most popular types of bedding used, like cotton for example, are created with harsh chemicals that can be detrimental to your health and impair the quality of your sleep. Eucalyptus sheets, on the other hand, are environmentally friendly, as we mentioned previously, as it uses natural processes in order to create the final product.

High Levels of Comfort

Everyone wants the ultimate comfort experience when they are in bed – the way you sleep has an effect on how you feel and how your day goes, therefore it is important to make this a relaxing time for you. Eucalyptus sheets feel extremely soft and can adjust well to room and body temperatures so that you do not struggle with this issue while you sleep.

Increased Sleep Quality

Your quality of sleep is crucial for a good functioning body and mind, as it can affect your overall health. Empirical research suggests that poor sleep quality can have serious negative effects on the brain, including the deterioration of your cognitive capabilities. The better sleep, the more refreshed and energised you will feel. Considering that they are not made with toxic chemicals, adjust to temperature and are highly comfortable, Eucalyptus bedding sheets will provide you with the best sleep quality that will help you through your day.

They Last Longer

This may sound surprising, but Eucalyptus sheets are actually more resilient than the traditional bamboo or cotton sheets. This means that it will last you longer. It may be more costly, but if it will last you longer and provide you with higher levels of comfort, it surely would be a positive investment.

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Sleep time should be a time where you feel completely relaxed so that you can recharge and recover from the stresses of the day. Eucalyptus cooling bed sheets can provide you with the ultimate luxurious sleeping experience that you need to sleep well and live well.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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