What To Do After Getting Hurt While Using A Rideshare Service

Ridesharing is a service that provides an alternative to taxis and other forms of transportation that does not require you to drive yourself to your destination. These services are typically safe but have been under scrutiny for some of their security and safety at times. If you do get hurt while using a rideshare service, here are some things to consider.

what to do in case of a rideshare accident

Coverage For Drivers

As a driver, it is important to know when exactly you are covered by insurance provided by your rideshare service if you were to get into a collision or accident. This knowledge comes in handy because as a driver, you aren’t always insured by the company you are working for even if you are behind the wheel. As a driver, you are only covered by the maximum amount of insurance when you have accepted a job or trip. When you accept a job, pick up a passenger, and up until you drop off that passenger to their destination, you are covered in the event you get into an accident. However, if you get into an accident while not having accepted a job, perhaps you were driving around searching for one, then you have very little coverage and would have to accrue the majority of the costs yourself. This is why it is still important to have insurance for ridesharing despite rideshare services offering their insurance coverages because you won’t always be covered even though you are behind the wheel.

In The Event Of An Accident

If you get into an accident, the process or steps will be the same as if you get into a vehicular accident when regularly operating a vehicle. You need to first determine the safety of everyone, calling the police or emergency services if there are injuries involved, seeking hospitalization or other medical services. Once health and wellbeing have been prioritized, you can then look into following other steps of getting all the information regarding the accident. You will exchange information, insurance details, take pictures and videos for evidence to record the scene of the accident

Keep A Dash Cam

Accidents can happen to anyone at any time. This is why it is so important to be prepared for such incidents and have a dashcam for everyone that drives, especially for those in the ridesharing industry. A dash cam can be extremely useful in recording the events leading up to an accident and show them as they transpire. As long as the camera is facing the direction of the incident, the dashboard camera can be a useful tool during an accident.

For Passengers

If you are a passenger involved in a rideshare accident, the process is similar to any other accident as well. First, ensure the safety of everyone involved. The driver of the vehicle will have to deal with the majority of the issues when it comes to liabilities and insurances in terms of recording and making note of evidence at the accident site, communicating with the other drivers involved, and exchanging information. This is the standard in most areas in the United States, such as Florida. 

If you have been injured in an accident where you are a passenger during a rideshare trip, your medical expenses will be covered by those that are deemed responsible for the accident. According to car accident lawyer Tampa, FL, there are liability insurances in place in order to protect against the financial impact an accident will result in. This is especially important when you are dealing with uninsured drivers or underinsured drivers that have caused and are held responsible for the accident and your injuries. You will file the claim through the rideshare service in order to get benefits from their insurances.

Determining Responsibility

Depending on who is responsible for an accident, and the injuries sustained to the passenger, the payout will either come directly from the service, from the other party involved in the accident, or a combination of the two. If the other party is held responsible, their insurances are going to be what is paying for your injuries. If the other party does not have insurance or doesn’t have enough to cover your medical expenses, then rideshare companies will have insurance in place to facilitate your costs.
rideshare service issues

If your driver during your trip was liable, then the company’s policy will be responsible for the entire expenses for your injuries. Also, consider that the passenger can be held liable for an accident if their actions lead to the incident.

When dealing with any sort of injuries that are the result of a car accident, you should always be seeking medical and legal advice. Both are essential to determine the cost of the claims to file and to ensure that your well-being. Do not brush off injuries from accidents, as they can have long term effects. Large rideshare companies should have the insurances to pay for damages as you are trusting them with your safety from departure to destination.

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