What Does a CT Radiographer Do?

If you have ever gone to a hospital and gotten any kind of image taken, then they were done by a radiographer. The images may include X-rays, mammograms or CT scans. Radiographers or radiology technicians are an essential part of the medical industry. Simply stated, they utilize medical equipment to make images of your body.

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A radiographer should not be confused with a radiologist. A radiographer is the one who takes the images whereas the radiologist is the one who interprets them.

A radiographer needs at least an associate degree from a college, university or hospital-based program for them to qualify. They will also need to pass a national certification examination.

After getting the above credentials, the radiography has to be registered with the state. They will have to continue completing certain educational courses for them to remain registered. The registration of a CT radiographer is done with the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT).

A radiologist can work in a wide variety of medical institutions including hospitals, clinics, labs and outpatient centers. When working in these places a radiographer will perform functions such as:

Prepare Patients for Computed Tomography Procedures

CT radiographers prepare patients who are about to go in for certain computed procedures. They will provide clear answers on any of the questions that the patient might have.

Most patients have a great deal of anxiety before undergoing such procedures. It is up to the radiographer to put the patients at ease so that the procedure can go smoothly.

They will select the appropriate program which will give the patient the best results. They will also immobilize patients if required.

Moreover, they will position the patient for the scan in the best way possible so the area of interest can be examined with as much comfort as possible aiding the radiographer’s ability.

Operate Computed Tomography Equipment

The most crucial task of a CT radiographer is to operate the computed tomography equipment and accessories. These are the pieces of equipment that are used to perform imaging of the human body.

Another essential task of a radiographer in this regard is to perform tube warm ups and measurement. It is a vital role for anyone interested in CT radiography jobs. It is a task that a CT radiographer probably does every single day.

Some of the imaging equipment used to perform imaging of the body produces a significant amount of radiation. It is the job of the CT radiographer to ensure that the patients are as protected as possible from the radiation from these machines.

Provides Patient Care

It is the responsibility of a CT radiographer to provide healthcare services to patients and create a calm environment for treatment. If a patient is supposed to receive radiology services, it is up to the radiographer to ensure that they do.

They will take patients to and from their respective X-ray and imaging appointments within the facility or as an outpatient. They ensure the utmost caution when dealing with patients and adhere to strict sterilization procedures.

Some of the equipment that CT radiographers use produces very hazardous waste. It is up to the radiographer to ensure that the dangerous materials are properly disposed of and patients are not contaminated.

Sterilize and Maintain X-Ray Equipment

Considering that multiple patients are in touch with X-ray equipment every day, each with different conditions, it is important that the machines remain clean. It is the task of a radiographer to sterilize and clean such pieces of equipment.

They will prevent infections to patients being passed on through the equipment as well. They do so by performing various aseptic actions that adhere to the established care standards.

Maintaining the equipment also means ensuring that the equipment is free of hazardous bacteria and safe for use by patients.

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Improvement of Procedures

It is the job of a CT radiographer to continually educate themselves and improve their knowledge. Therefore, a significant responsibility of a CT radiographer is continuous improvement.

By improving themselves, radiographers are able to continuously improve the processes of their techniques and make them more efficient. They will do so by collecting data from patients and quality control among others.

They use different techniques to evaluate the efficiency of the equipment as well. If they have to, they will collaborate with other technicians and professionals to improve the resolution of their images. 

As you can see a CT radiographer has many duties in a hospital. Most patients will undoubtedly engage with a radiographer when they visit a medical institution. Their roles will vary depending on where they work but the above roles will be present among all medical facilities.

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