What are the Types of Golf Clubs and Their Uses

Golf is an incredibly popular game which is enjoyed by people all over the world. Golf is not only fun; it is also a great exercise as you walk a long way each round and get a good arm and shoulder workout. If you are a newbie to the great game of golf, one of the first things you need to learn about to master this fascinating sport is the different types of golf clubs and their uses. 

This article will introduce you to six categories of golf clubs - driver, irons, woods, utility clubs, wedges, putters - and their uses. When looking at the best golf clubs for you it is important to find out what style you prefer. Once you have your style picked out then you can begin looking at different clubs.

the different types of golf clubs


The driver is one of the most important clubs in any golfer’s bag. The material used to make the head of a driver is usually lightweight titanium, which allows the manufacturer to maximize its size without making it too heavy. The golf experts at explain that your driver will usually be exclusively for tee shots. This is because the driver is able to produce maximum height and distance with minimum side spin so that you can achieve a longer, straighter shot.

When looking at the best golf drivers you should always go with a reputable brand that feels comfortable in your hand. For some golfers that it a heavier driver whereas for other they prefer a lightweight driver. We recommend you test out a variety of different drivers before choosing one for you.


Irons always come in numbered sets, ranging from 3 irons to 9 irons. As they have relatively smaller, sharper club heads, irons have the nickname “blades.”  Most irons have solid heads with angled faces etched with grooves that help grip the ball and impart spin. For that reason, they are usually used to hit shots from the fairway to the green; as the number of the iron in a set goes up, the loft increases while the length of the shaft decreases. Many golf players start with a standard set of 5 irons as this provides the versatility they require. 


Although these clubs are called woods, their club heads are no longer made of wood but are now usually made from stainless steel instead). Also known as fairway woods, these include the driver and the different numbered woods. The wood heads are hollow with rounded lines, extended a few inches from side-to-side and front-to-back. They also have the largest heads in the golf bag with flattened bottoms, which let the head slide over the grass as you make your shot. The lofts are between 12-20 degrees, which gives higher and softer shots. Most golf players use woods for fairway shots much further than the range of irons and when more control of the ball is needed. 

Utility Clubs

The World Biggest Golf Lesson team describes utility golf clubs as "Utility clubs are a cross between fairway woods and long irons, the lofts of which are usually in the range of 17 to 23 degrees. They are mostly used for long shots out of the rough (rugged terrain such as bushes, trees, or other hazards)." They are designed to help you hit the ball easier, and many players have actually decided to replace their long irons with a set of utility clubs.


Even though wedges are considered a subset of irons as they have similar heads, their heads are more severely angled, which provides players with more loft. Golf pro Evan from Evan Golf describes wedges as "Wedges require their lofts falling between 50 and 64 degrees, they provide the highest loft in your club's bag." Different wedges come with varying bounce levels so that you can choose the right wedge for your needs. For example, more bounce is desirable for shots from the sand or loft turf, while little or no bounce makes pitch shots from firmer ground easier. For this reason, golfers usually carry different types of wedges with various lofts and bounce to use for various distances and conditions.

the different uses for each type of golf club


Putters are the most specialized golf clubs which come in the widest variety of shapes and sizes. Putters have flat faces with about 4 degrees of loft to keep the ball from bouncing up and are used for putting, just like their name suggests. The only real occasions when you need to use your putters are on the green or for a long putt from the edge of the green. With more varieties than any other club available, choosing the right putter for you is a very personal process. There is no right or wrong putter. There is just the one that feels right to you. Regardless, they are all designed to start the ball rolling smoothly, with minimum backspin and maximum precision.

While a few golf clubs have multiple uses, most of them are designed for a specific purpose. The three factors that decide the usefulness of the clubs in your bag are the head’s size and shape, the length of the shaft, and the loft. Whether you want to play golf to exercise or socialize with your friends and family, it's essential to know the basic uses of the various clubs to master your golf game.

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By Susan Harris

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