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Unique Hobbies To Keep You In Shape

If you are striving to stay in shape and live a healthier lifestyle then it is important to find a hobby that you will enjoy but also a hobby that will keep you in shape. Constantly going for a jog or a walk isn't the best fitness option for many individuals because it can be tremendously boring. Our team has put together a list of the most exciting hobbies that will keep you in shape and will also provide you a new fun hobby that you will absolutely love!

Below are a few of our favorite hobbies that you will love but will also keep you healthy.

Skateboarding & Longboarding

If you are looking for a hobby that will keep you healthy, you may instantly think about a hobby such as golf or hiking, but we wanted to come up with a few unique options. The first hobby we wanted to talk about was skateboarding and longboarding. You may have never thought about learning how to skateboard but we think you will absolutely love it!

Skateboarding is incredibly fun and can be easy to learn if you are dedicated. Skateboarding can be dangerous if you aren't prepared but if you just want to learn how to ride around and cruise, then it can make it one of the most fun hobbies in the world. We recommend you take a look at this list of the best skateboard brands so you know what type of skateboard is best for you.

Similar to skateboarding, another option is to learn how to longboard. Longboarding is a little bit easier compared to skateboarding because the board is larger and more stable. This makes it a great option for those who are looking to stay healthy but only want to cruise around town and don't care so much about learning how to perform tricks. Riding a longboard is a lot of fun but will also burn a lot of calories and will keep you healthy. We recommend you read the list of the best longboard brands to help get a better understanding of the best longboard for your needs.

Playing Paintball

Paintball is another unique hobby that you may have never thought about but will keep you in shape and will be a ton of fun to play. Paintball involves running around a mock battlefield with your team and trying to eliminate other competitors by shooting them with paint. The hobby revolves a lot of running and will drastically improve your cardio. It is a great option because you can play it at any pace that you want. If you don't have the best cardio then you can play at a slower pace and work on improving your endurance.

If you are already in shape then you can play at a faster pace and continue to improve your endurance and cardio. We absolutely love playing paintball and it is a great exercise as well! We recommend you read this article about the best paintball guns to find the perfect paintball equipment for you.

Learning How To Kayak

Kayaking is a relaxing experience because you are out on the water but it is also a great workout. The process of paddling around the water is a tremendous upper body workout and cardio session. Paddling will help to improve your cardio and endurance but can also help to tone and build muscle in your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. It is a unique workout because most individuals have never really paddled before, but it is tremendous fun and also a great workout!

Playing Pickleball

Pickleball is a sport that is growing in popularity because of how fun it is for all ages. It is similar to tennis but is playing on a smaller court with a wiffleball instead of a tennis . The sport is incredibly popular for older individuals because it is a fun and high-intensity sport but can be played without a lot of running or movement. You will see many elderly couples playing pickleball together because of how much fun it is but also how good of a workout it provides.

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By Susan Harris

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