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Types of Cardio Exercises That Might Interest You

If you’re looking to get back into the swing of things with exercise, the hardest part can be finding activities that you actually enjoy. There are a lot of workouts that are simply not enjoyable, and certainly, many that are enjoyable too.

jumping rope for cardio

When it comes to exercising, cardio is one of the best ways to get back into shape and can provide you some excellent long-term benefits. Just like lifting, cardio is not about one specific type of activity, so you have plenty of options to choose from in terms of exercise. Here are some that may interest you.

1. Jump Rope

Jump rope isn’t just a fun way to pass time on the playground, it is one of the best and easiest forms of cardio there is. You don’t need a gym to get the exercise you want, you just need a jump rope buyers guide and some space to skip it. Jump rope can be done in small spurts which makes it an excellent choice for cardio, even if you don’t feel like you’re as fit yet.

2. Rowing

While not as easy as skipping rope, rowing is another amazing type of cardio that also doubles as a good muscle-building activity as well. Rowing is a good way to get some low impact cardio that won’t be harsh on your knees or joints like other forms of cardio and it helps the back muscles get stronger as well because of the repetitive motions associated with it. You can do this indoors with a machine during the colder months and when the spring and summer roll around, you can take to the water to get rowing with more of a challenge in a real environment.

3. Cycling

Cycling is also a great form of cardio that helps you gain more muscle and also improves your heart and lung function. Cycling can be tough on the knees if you do it too often, but just like many other types of cardio exercises, it is par for the course sometimes. Cycling, just like rowing, can be done indoors until the weather is right and you can head outside to get your cycling on real trails and paths. The best part about cycling is that it is so versatile, with road or trail biking being two excellent ways to get your cardio in.

4. Running

Running is obviously a go-to type of cardio, but it is not for everyone. The reason is that it can be really harsh on the knees when you strike asphalt or concrete repetitively. It is still rather effective and you can try running on a treadmill instead to hopefully get some reprieve for your knees.

running for cardio

It is can be really difficult for many people but running is still a highly effective type of cardio. Running is better when you do it with a buddy because it can help you feel more motivated, it is also important to track your progress with various running apps.

5. Skiing 

As the winter approaches for many living in colder places, there come some fun outdoor opportunities to partake in. One, in particular, is skiing. Skiing, in both downhill or cross-country varieties, is an amazing way to get in some serious cardio. They help build leg strength and it is a fun way to get outside to enjoy the fresh air even in the winter. There isn’t much to do in the winter so you might get cabin fever, so not only does it provide cardio, but it also lets you get out of the house for some fun.

6. Swimming

Saving the best for last is swimming. Some people like to think of swimming as one of the best overall forms of cardio for a few reasons. 1. It is a great full-body workout, 2. It can be done at any time because of indoor pools, and 3. It doesn’t have as many issues when it comes to pain on joints or the body because you are suspended in water. Swimming is a good way to incorporate cardio and full-body exercise into a workout routine and some of the fittest people on the planet swear by its use as their secret to success.

Any good workout routine needs to incorporate cardio as a main staple. It is important for staying fit and can be surprisingly useful for building stronger muscles as well. Here, you can see some of the most popular forms of cardio that will help anyone reach their fitness goals.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.