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Have you Tried Aerial Yoga Before? It’s Nothing Short of Miraculous!

Aerial yoga is a lesser-known form of fitness and wellbeing that needs more attention. This form of yoga incorporates a hammock or a strong piece of cloth that hangs from the ceiling and asks you to perform normal yoga poses while hanging on the hammock. Physical contact with the ground is not allowed in this form of yoga. The hammock suspended from the ceiling supports your forms and flows. Not many people know this, but aerial yoga promotes several health benefits, most of which are related to the health benefits promoted by normal yoga poses. If you despise normal practicing yoga, you can try aerial yoga as it is more interesting and enjoyable.

tips for getting started with aerial yoga

Here is how aerial yoga can help.

1. Improves Core Strength

When it comes to aerial yoga, upper body strength and core strength are a given. You must also establish a strong grip with the silk hammock, which engages your shoulders, arms, and most importantly, your core, all without ground stability. People suffering from joint pain can practice aerial yoga without fear. In fact, this form of yoga works well around tight areas and improves the mobility of joints. With a stronger core, you will notice improvements in your back health as well. With consistent practice, you can also achieve a 6-pack ab look like you always desired.

2. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Even though aerial yoga is a form of low-intensity cardio workout, it improves your cardiovascular health with consistent practice. This yoga form combines several forms of workouts and endurances such as stretching, cardiovascular activities, and strength training, which collectively increase your heart rate. This, in turn, affects your cardiovascular health and improves longevity. Since you are exposing your body to physical endurance while reducing the impact on your joints, you can also ward off osteoporosis and similar effects. Additionally, aerial yoga burns a lot of calories in just one session. A 50-minute session burns around 320 calories, which is a lot. It is believed that practicing aerial yoga for six weeks at a stretch reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by a significant margin.

3. Reduces Stress

Aerial yoga is highly recommended for individuals suffering from stress, anxiety, and other related issues. The yoga trainees from swear by the power of aerial yoga in reducing stress and alleviating stress-inducing problems. It puts your mind at ease and helps you concentrate on important things. Other added benefits of performing aerial yoga include enhanced productivity, increased energy, and improved focus. You will also stay calmer and be more patient.

4. Decompresses Spine

Poses like backbends and downward-facing dog reduces pressure from your spine and relieves it from pain. Normally, your spine faces a downward compression that occurs naturally due to the force of gravity. This can put additional pressure on your spine and add tension. However, with aerial yoga, you can reverse the situation and put your spine at ease as they relax and hang from the hammock. It is highly beneficial for people with joint issues. You can now benefit from the positive effects of yoga without injuring your back.

5. Increases Flexibility

It’s a no-brainer that any form of yoga can improve flexibility. With aerial yoga, you must control your body movements to perfect the poses, which, in turn, improves your body flexibility with time. Moreover, you can move more freely when suspended in the air. Being away from the ground lets you stretch your tendons and muscles without getting injured. All of these factors collectively help improve flexibility.

6. Improves Mood

Lastly, an intensive class of aerial yoga can improve your mood and make you extremely happy by the end of a session. You feel empowered and gain confidence. It prepares you to face your fears and overcome difficult challenges in life. Aerial yoga isn’t easy; you need a lot of practice until you can complete one session successfully. Once you achieve that feeling, you will never be afraid to try something new in life. With aerial yoga, taking the first step can be quite overwhelming. Not everyone can lift up their feet in the air and trust the process. Thinking about all these aspects collectively can improve your mood and brighten your day.

Aerial yoga can be a bit difficult to perform in the beginning. However, once you master the right techniques and take control of your forms, you will never look back. It is one of the most enjoyable forms of yoga that promotes health and wellbeing. If you have always been fascinated with aerial yoga but haven’t given it a try yet, now is the right time.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.