Top Natural Solutions for Teething Pain

Babies start to grow teeth between the age of 3 months and 12 months. This process is called teething, and it’s a pain for everyone involved, especially for the baby. When your baby starts teething, you will notice how they become more cranky and cry most of the time. It’s natural; their gums become irritated and sore, and babies start to develop a habit of biting small objects and rubbing their cheeks or ears.

natural solutions for teething pain

There are many remedies for teething pain. However, many parents prefer to keep their newborns and little children away from chemicals or medical solutions. Fortunately, there are many natural remedies that can help both you and your baby during the teething process. In this article, we will be highlighting some of the best natural ways of treating teething pain and helping your baby find something to chew on while teething.

Rubbing Your Baby’s Gums or Adding Pressure

One of the best and easiest ways of easing your baby’s teething pain is rubbing their gums gently or applying pressure to them for comfort. Make sure your fingers are clean before doing so, and slowly rub their gums until they feel better. Some people don’t like getting their fingers drooled on, so you can use a wooden spoon or any similar medium-sized object. Just make sure that whatever you are giving to your baby to chew on is clean and safe for babies as some small objects can be swallowed by children and are considered dangerous items that should not be given to children.

Chewing Cold Items

Applying ice to any sore area is known to reduce pain and numb that area. However, extremely cold items or foods are not good for your baby’s teeth. What you need is something moderately cold that you can put on your baby’s gums or let them chew on. The most common method is wetting a clean washcloth and freezing it for about 30 minutes to apply later on your baby’s teething gums. You can give them this cold towel or washcloth to chew on since it’s not dangerous and not considered a choking hazard. Another option is to give them a cold wooden spoon or teething ring as chewing on cold items will ease their pain and reduce teething crankiness. If you can get your hands on one of those quality mesh feeders, you can feed your baby frozen fruit and veggies in a safe feeder that will protect them from choking and numb their pain. 

Teething Necklaces

When your baby starts teething, chewing little items and toys can help ease their pain and discomfort. The moms from say that since chewing on toys can help teething babies get through the pain, chewing necklaces that are worn by the mother can be quite useful. This is because babies love to reach for their mothers, so giving them something that they can chew on safely without worrying about choking hazards is a great solution for dealing with teething pain. Amber teething necklaces are the best in this category since the body heat of the wearer releases a type of succinic acid found in their stones that reduces your baby’s pain and inflammation.
help cure teething pain for babys

Chamomile Tea and Ground Cloves

Chamomile tea is a well-known ingredient that is used in some teething products. It has also been used for centuries as a natural herbal remedy. Applying it to your baby’s gums will soothe their pain and ease the teething process. However, you should only use caffeine-free tea for this purpose. You can cool some and put it in a mesh feeder to give to your baby to chew on. You can rub it on their gums or let them drink a few sips of cold chamomile tea without caffeine. Ground cloves are also known to have numbing properties for pain, thanks to their essential oils. You can mix some ground cloves with some water or coconut oil to chill in the fridge and rub on your baby’s gums for pain relief.

Teething can be remarkably painful for babies, and it is also agony for the parents looking after the baby. When it comes to dealing with teething babies, you’ll want to stay away from chemicals or medications that claim to cure the pain. Natural remedies are always safer, and you can rest assured knowing that their ingredients are harmless before giving them to your newborn. If your little one is keeping you up all night because their teeth are bothering them, try one or more of the above tips to ease their pain - and yours, too!

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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