Beginner’s Guide: 7 Tips to Improve Your Scrabble Score

Scrabble is a fun and exciting game that can keep your mind occupied and engaged. You do not need to be a word genius to play and master the game; all you need to do is practice and know all the tactics that can help you become an undefeatable player. To win at Scrabble, you need to get the highest score by forming words that have high-value letters. That does not always mean the longest words, as you can win the game with a series of small words with high value. Scrabble depends greatly on smart thinking and calculating your moves precisely before forming any words.

tips to get better at scrabble

If you are a beginner trying to improve your score, here are some Scrabble tips to help you master the game. 

1. Learn Two and Three-Letter Words

Many people underestimate the power of small letter words when they are playing Scrabble. However, two and three-letter words can be your key to success in the game as there are loads of them, and they can be of high value to your overall score. The great thing about two and three-letter words is that they are easy to think of and can quickly and steadily win you any Scrabble game you play. Whenever you find yourself stuck for words, sift through the letters you have and start building the small words first before moving on to more sophisticated ones. 

2. Use Word Finders

When playing Scrabble, your mind can sometimes just draw a blank, and you suddenly find yourself stuck for words. To overcome this issue and win your Scrabble games, consider using an online word finding tool that can help you come up with high-scoring words in minutes. Word finders can give you the boost you need to make new words and win any Scrabble game you find yourself stuck in at any point without a hassle. 

3. Add Prefixes and Suffixes

The trick of using prefixes and suffixes when playing Scrabble can be a complete game-changer. Using word extensions like “anti” or “ing” at the beginning or end of your words can make all the difference in the world when it comes to the final score. They may seem like small extensions, but they have a high value that will boost your scores significantly. 

4. Make Compound Words

One way to improve your Scrabble score quickly is by making compound words when arranging your letters on the board. Compound words are basically two separate words that can be combined into one big word for a really high score. These words are pretty easy to find and can win you the whole game in just a few simple steps without any effort. 

5. Use High-Value Letters

When you are playing Scrabble, you will find that different letters have different values, and the overall score is counted based on words that have the highest value letters rather than the number of letters. To boost your score a little, start by making words using high-value letters before anything else. Letters like Q and S can win you any Scrabble game if you use them wisely in the right words. 

6. Rearrange Letters

It is normal to get stuck while playing Scrabble and feel like you can no longer come up with any new words using the letters you have. If you ever find yourself in such a situation, try rearranging the letters you have and see what you can find again. A lot of the time, all you need is a fresh perspective to manage to see new words in the letters you have available. 

7. Read the Dictionary

The dictionary is the main source of words you have when it comes to playing Scrabble. If you are really keen on improving your game score, then you should try reading the dictionary and studying the words you find so that you can come up with new word combinations on your next game. You do not have to read the whole dictionary all at once and memorize every word; all you need to do is study a group of words whenever you get a chance.

how to improve your scrabble score

Playing Scrabble can be a great way to spend some time doing something fun while engaging your brain. When it comes to improving your Scrabble score, all you need to do is study different word combinations and tactics so that you can win every game you play. Remember to use dictionaries and word finders to give you a boost whenever you feel stuck for words, and always use prefixes and suffixes to beat your opponents.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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