Tips For Naming Your Dog


What’s in a name? For our four-legged friends, it can mean a lot. Different people have different preferences when naming their dog. Whether you want something catchy or plan to call your pet by another name most of the time. In this article we will give you tips for naming your dog as well as provide a few recommendations for our favorite boy dog names and our favorite girl dog names.

Some dog owners like to name their dog with a human name, while others prefer a more standard canine name. But there are 5 things to consider before permanently assigning a new dog their lifelong moniker.

What Sounds Are Best For A Dogs Name

Naming your new puppy can be difficult – you want to give them a name that’s easy for them to pick up. We recommend names that start with a letter like D, T or K, so they’re easy to understand when you’re calling their name. But if those don’t work for you then try looking for other letters like S or F that are also much more distinct and easier for your dog to understand.

It is important that you don’t name your dog a name that is very similar to common training commands. For example it isn’t a good idea to name your dog “Bo” because of how similar it is to the command “no”. This could be confusing for your dog.

A dog’s name should have a long “a” sound or a sharp “e” sound. This is easy for your pup to hear and will distinguish it from words with other sounds. Dog names should always be easy for you or other to pronounce but also easy for your dog to understand.

For example, some Indian dog names might be difficult for the average American to pronounce. Which could cause issues if your dog every stays with a sitter or at a boarder.

Length Of The Dogs Name

One of the best things you can do for your dog is train it to obey commands with short syllables. The same principle applies when naming your dog – give them a one-syllable or two-syllable name that they will easily understand.

To prevent confusion, you should shorten your chosen dog name to the appropriate abbreviation. A long and unusual name may sound cute in theory but can actually make it difficult for your dog to learn their name. This is why it is recommend to name your dog something short and easy to understand.

Avoid Command Words When Naming Your Dog

Titles that rhyme with common dog commands like “sit” or “stay” will lead to confusion among your pup.

In a survey by the Association of Pet Behavior Counsellors, it was revealed that 43% of small dogs named “Fay” and 38% of those named “Mitt” had issues because their names were so similar to common training command words. Make sure to avoid this when naming your dog.

For Public Consideration

One of the most frequent times that you are going to call out to your dog is at a dog park. For this reason, you might want to ensure your pup’s name is something you would be willing to say in public. Your favorite band might be called The Walking Cadaver but is that really something you want people to hear you yell at the dog park? This is important to think about before naming a dog.

Think About The Breed of Your Dog

When it comes to naming your pup, take inspiration from their heritage. Are they a Corgi? Consider Welsh names for them after the country that made the breed famous! If you have a Weimaraner dog, perhaps give them a German name reflecting where they’re from.

In the end, there are a lot of names to choose from when naming your puppy. Pick one that suits the family and is easy for him/her to learn. You and your family will be the ones using the dogs name the most so it is important to pick a name you absolutely love!

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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