Things You Can Knit for Fun

If you enjoy knitting, there are plenty of projects you can take on for fun. It is a great way to pass time and reflect your creative side. It is much simpler than it seems and with some practice, you will be making the most complicated patterns.

fun knitting ideas

Whether you are trying to occupy your free time or improve the quality of your knitting patterns, here are a few interesting things to knit:


Knitting a bookmark is not only easy but a lot of fun as well. It requires thin yarn and is simple enough for beginners to try. If you are a book lover, you will get a lot of use for your knitted bookmarks. Choose interesting colors and shapes that encourage you to read. Since they are easy to make, you can knit enough bookmarks to sell at your local craft fair. If you have interesting patterns and designs, you can make a lot of money from knitted bookmarks.

2. Toddler Slippers

Even though knitting the perfect pair of slippers for your toddler may take a lot of time, it is a lot of fun. Knitted slippers are warm, adorable, light, and comfortable. A professional may help you choose the best stock yarn for these slippers. They keep your toddler’s feet warm even on the coldest night. They are easy to knit making them perfect even for beginners.

3. A Baby Hat

Baby hats are cute and fun to knit. They are functional and there are many ways to give them a unique twist. Make your hat interesting by attaching a pair of headphones, using interesting colors, or adding a top knot. Knitted baby hats are adorable and would make great gifts for your loved ones.

4. Dishcloths

When most people think of knitting for fun, dishcloths are the first things that come to mind. However, you do not need traditional squares. Pick unique shapes and patterns that make your dishcloths stand out. They are some of the easiest things to make, and they give you the chance to practice different stitches.

5. Yoga Mat Straps

Yoga is a healthy habit and can be a great way to pass your time. If you are looking for a hobby other than knitting, consider making a few yoga mat straps for yourself.

6. A Toilet Paper Roll

Knitting a toilet paper roll may seem pointless but it is a lot of fun. Even though your roll won’t be functional, it can be a great conversation piece for your bathroom. It is a perfect project for knitters who like to be goofy and have some fun.

7. A Cord Holder

Cord holders are not the most common knitting idea, but they can be a lot of fun. Make them in different patterns and you have unique gifts for your loved ones. They are both functional and aesthetic. For example, you can use a cord holder to support your headphones and as décor for your space.

8. Technology Cases

With the right measurements, you can knit an excellent case for your phone, tablet, or laptop. If you plan on making a technology case, start with some math. Calculate the number of stitches and rows you need. If you aren’t careful, the case may be too big or too small.  The knitted cases are decorative, and they protect your device from scratches and dust.

9. Bow Headbands

Knitted bow headbands are cute. They are great for both children and adults. They come in handy during the cold weather. The headbands will keep you warm around the ears and you do not need to deal with ‘hat heads.’

10. Knitted Pillowcase

If you want to give your bed or sofa a facelift, consider using knitted pillowcases. You can make them as unique as you want. Bulky yarn is great for pillowcases.

how to knit a blanket

A knitted throw blanket can be an accent piece in your living room. You can use it to introduce new textures, colors, and patterns into your space. When you are done knitting, you can bundle up in it for some warmth. Make a knitted blanket that is functional and beautiful. It should match the rest of your décor and keep you warm.

In conclusion, there are lots of things that you can knit for fun. It is one of the most popular pastimes because you get a creative outlet and a valuable product in the end. Some interesting things that you can knit include knitted throw blankets, knitted pillowcases, technology cases, bookmarks, cord holders, and baby hats. Pick something that matches your skill level and needs.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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