The Rise of Growing Cannabis Seeds

With more and more states legalizing medical and recreational marijuana across the United States and Canada, the popularity of growing your own cannabis seeds has seen a tremendous growth. The new legalization has made it legal to purchase marijuana but also legal to buy your own cannabis seeds and grow your own plants. With the help of our friends from Kind Seeds, we will discuss the growth of growing cannabis seeds and how individuals can get started.

tips for growing cannabis seeds

When Did Growing Cannabis Seeds Become Legal?

Marijuana and cannabis has a long history within the United States and has seen many changes over the years. It is worth noting that growing cannabis is only legal in a select number of U.S states and is currently illegal in other states. It is up to each state to dictate whether cannabis will be legal, only legal for medical use, decriminalized, or completely illegal.

Starting in 1937, cannabis was prohibited at the federal level under the Mariuhuana Tax Act. This was the first noticeable legislation that made cannabis and growing cannabis seeds illegal, but over the years these laws changes and were overthrown. For over 70 years the laws changed slightly but cannabis remained completely illegal until in 2012 when Colorado and Washington state became the first two states to completely legalize recreational marijuana and cannabis.

This monumental moment changed the history of cannabis in the United States and since 2012, more and more states have began to decriminalize and completely legalize medical and recreational marijuana use. It is expected that nearly every state will legalize cannabis seeds and marijuana over the next several years.

How Do You Get Started With Growing Cannabis Seeds?

There are many different steps that are required in order to get started growing your own cannabis seeds. Below is a quick guide to getting started.

Purchase Cannabis Seeds

If you live in a state where growing marijuana is legal then it is important to follow a beginners guide to growing. Kind Seeds recommends only purchasing seeds from reputable online seed banks such as ILoveGrowingMarijuana or Pacific Seed Bank. There are many different online seed banks which can make it difficult for beginners to find a trustworthy seller but by reading customer reviews you can find great seeds for a great price.

Be Prepared For Your Climate

When thinking about growing cannabis, it is vital to think specifically about the climate you are growing in. Each climate is different and this can impact the success of your grow. Seeds will react depending on your climate. Cold climate can have limited sunshine and the cold weather can even kill the seeds. On the other hand, hot temperatures can scorch your plants and cause them to have stunted growth. This is why we recommend doing research on growing in your climate to find out how to grow successfully in your area.

Research Growing Equipment You May Need

Growing cannabis may require growing equipment depending on your climate, the time of year you are growing, or the type of seed you are growing. If you are growing during the winter time in a cold climate then a growing tent or indoor growing equipment will be required to keep your plants warm enough to survive. Or if you are growing a type of strain that requires large amount of sunlight that you aren't able to give it during the natural day, then it might be required to purchase a grow light.

Have Fun Learning A New Skill!

Growing is a skill that will take time to master. It is just like other activities or skills that require practice and time to get better. This means that each grow you perform, you will be able to improve on. But one of the most important things to remember is to have fun! Growing can be stressful for those who don't have much experience, but you have to stay positive and have fun!

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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