The Growth of Vegan Dog Food

Demand for vegan pet food is on the rise. A growing number of people have turned to plant-based animal feed because they’re unsatisfied with current options – this trend can be attributed to

(a) a lack of quality in conventional, processed kibble and canned pet foods; or

(b) environmental concerns associated with conventional,

Providing a homemade diet for your dog might sound like a good idea at first, but the truth is there are many benefits to buying food that is nutritionally balanced and eco friendly. We talk about this in order healthy dog food snacks article.

Plant-Based Dog Food VS Vegan Dog Food

A plant-based diet is chosen for health reasons, whereas a vegan diet means avoiding exploitation. Dogs and cats are unable to make the ethical choice to be vegan, so they must stick with the healthier food restrictions of a plant-based diet.

In our society, when we use more specific and descriptive language it helps people better understand how to perceive animals and animal products.

Contrary to popular belief, dogs are not carnivores like their wolf ancestors. Rather, they are omnivores with a digestive system capable of digesting plant material and absorbing its nutrients. Dogs also have flat molars which can grind fibrous plant materials, and the small intestine makes up 23% of their total gastrointestinal volume – both features more commonly associated with omnivores.

Furthermore, some dogs are allergic to animal proteins. Licensed animal nutritionists and veterinarians will prescribe meat-free diets for pets that have allergies or other health issues so that they can live a longer life.

You should always know what food your dog can eat and what food is unsafe for your dog to eat. This is why we trust veterinarians and certified dog nutritionists.

What are the top vegan dog food brands?

These brands are leading the charge of modernized dog food with eco-friendly and healthy food for dogs.

  • Wild Earth – Produces vegan, dry kibble-style dog food with a 31 percent protein content and no preservatives, animal ingredients or hormones. The protein content comes from yeast and they even provide a wide range of plant-based treats and supplements. Learn about their vegan dog food.
  • Ami Pet Food – This brand of vegan dog food is for those who prefer vegetable- and grain-based diets for their dog.
  • Benevo – An independent UK-based pet food company that produces food options approved by the Vegan Society of the UK, PETA, and Vegetarian Society of the UK.

As veganism has grown in popularity, so too has it expanded into our pet’s lives. Nowadays most of us have the option to feed our dogs and cats healthier plant-based food alternatives that align with our ethical beliefs.

For people who can’t find vegan dog food, companies are teaming up to give it out online with collaborations between online retailers of vegan food and dog-food manufacturers.

What does science say about Plant-Based dog food?

According to a study conducted by the Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) dogs on nutritionally-balanced vegan diets can thrive and experience other benefits. These include

  • Fewer mites, ticks, and fleas
  • Improved coat and skin
  • Improved vitality
  • Reduced food allergies
  • Reduced obesity

The evidence is quite clear that our furry friends can live a healthy, thriving life on a plant-based diet. Even traditionally meat-based pet shops are recognizing the science behind vegan dog food and agreeing that it’s an excellent option for those who care about their companion animal friends.

The environmental impact of the dog food industry

Companion animals’ meat consumption brings an annual contribution of 64 million tonnes of carbon dioxide due to the resources and energy required in meat production; their food sometimes contains more meat than humans’. By providing a nourishing, animal-friendly food option for our friends, these leading healthy brands are helping reduce their carbon pawprint.

Dogs can benefit from most plant-based protein sources, which require a much smaller fraction of the water, energy and land required to produce meat. They offer many health benefits that people need to consider right now since rising meat consumption is expected to drive deforestation in developing countries.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.