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Textsheet was one of the most popular websites that allowed students to get help on their homework and school assignments. Unfortunately, TextSheet has been taken down because of copyright legal issues. This has caused thousands of students around the country to try to find a TextSheet alternative. In this article we will list our favorite Textsheet alternative websites that will help students with their school work and homework assignments.

textsheet alternative

What Is Textsheet?

Textsheet was an online education website that was known to help students with their homework assignments. It provided students an opportunity to find online lessons but also gave them the opportunity to interact with students with similar questions. It was a great resource for those who were stuck on a lesson and needed some help in order to get good grades on their assignments.

The reason that Textsheet was taken down was because they utilized content on their website that they didn't actually own. This was a major copyright issue and ended up being the reason that they were taken down. They utilized content from Chegg and the Chegg team decided to file a DMCA copyright violation against Textsheet.

Best Textsheet Alternatives

If you are a student who is looking for an online resource to help you with your school work then we have found these alternatives to help you. Or if you are a teacher who is looking for an online resource to give to your students who are struggling then these resources will help! Below are our favorite alternatives to Textsheet.


Chegg may be the reason that Textsheet was shutdown, but they had every legal right to do so. We believe that Chegg is the best Textsheet alternative because of how similar the content on the website is. If you used Textsheet then you will find Chegg to be very similar in usability. It is designed for students of all ages to get help on their school assignments so it is a great resource for students of nearly age grade level.

Course Hero

Course Hero is a similar alternative for Textsheet but much of the content on the site is not free. They offer millions of different types of online courses which makes it a great option for higher education students or for those who are looking to learn a skill they will utilize in their career. When it comes to K-12 students there are still valuable resources for them such as 24/7 homework help but some of this content will be restricted by a paywall.


CrazyForStudy is similar to Textsheet and the other website on this list but it seems to mainly focus on content related to reading and literature. CrazyForStudy has over 60 million book summaries and resources about these books. This makes it a great choice for those who are struggling with a literature or english class.

What Happened To Textsheet?

The owner of TextSheet was an online persona named Sultron. He created TextSheet as well as a few other online forums and websites. Once TextSheet became popular online for homework help and assignment answers, the website was charged with a DMCA lawsuit from Chegg. 

Chegg believed that TextSheet was copying their answers and content and pretending it was their own. So lawyers were involved and it was concluded that TextSheet had a serious issue about copyright infringement. The owner of TextSheet realized that they faced serious legal action if the didn't take the site down for good.

Is TextSheet Down Forever?

It's difficult to say for sure, but it seems like TextSheet will be down permanently. Since they faced serious legal action from copyright issues, it is doubtful that they will be able to go back online unless they make some serious changes to the website. This would require TextSheet to use completely unique content on their site so they don't face any future copyright issues.

How Does TextSheet Work?

When TextSheet was live, it worked by helping students and educators with education resources. Often times these were answer sheets for homework, assignments, and quizzes. It became incredibly popular for students who were looking for help with their homework and assignments.

We hope we were able to help you find a Textsheet alternative that will help you with your school work and home work assignments! We recommend reading more of our blog articles for similar content.

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