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Battle ropes have grown in popularity in recent years.  Just a handful of years ago they were hard to find but now it seems that nearly every gym has at least one set of battle ropes.  They are one of the few exercises that people love to use because it makes them look athletic. At my local gym it seems like there is always someone using the battle ropes, but unfortunately it seems that a large percentage of them aren’t using them correctly.

Most people have terrible form when they are using the battle ropes and struggle to incorporate their entire body.  The battle ropes were created to provide you with a few different methods of using it but they all incorporate your entire body.  The battle ropes aren’t just an arm workout, they should be an entire body workout. Also they can really make you back sore the next day if your form isn’t in pristine condition.

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Rowing Machine

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Training Slam Balls

There is a reason that battle ropes are used by a wide variety of different professional athletes from NFL football players to professional female athletes like Sara Sigmundsdóttir and Kayla Itsines

Battle ropes are great, but is there a better substitute for battle ropes?  We break down a few of the best alternatives for battle ropes.

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine is one of the most fundamental cardio machines that your gym has.  It may seem like a boring exercise to sit and row for an extended period of time compared to swinging battle ropes.  But the rowing machine is a great substitute for battle ropes as they incorporate a high tempo cardio workout while still training your muscle endurance.  Neither of these exercises will make you jacked, but they will drastically improve your muscle endurance as well as help improve your overall cardio. They both will also help you lose weight because of how intense these workout can be.

Kettlebell Swings

The kettlebell is another piece of workout equipment that has grown in popularity in recent years.  Part of this comes from the wide variety of different exercises you can perform with a kettlebell. But a kettlebell is a great alternative for battle ropes as it gives you a similar full body workout that you are striving for.  You can target only specific muscles depending on the movement you perform, but with two-handed kettlebell swings you are able to utilize the whole body throughout the entirety of the workout.

Dead Ball Slams

Dead ball slams is not only a great stress reliever but is also another great substitute for battle ropes as it incorporates many of the same muscles while giving you a high intensity workout.  Dead ball slams can be customized to your strength level by picking a weight that works best for you. This also lets you grow and move up to heavier medicine balls when you are ready. Similar to battle ropes or kettlebell swings, it doesn’t take long before you will feel your muscles starting to burn.

Final Thoughts On The Best Battle Rope Alternative

I personally love using battle ropes but I also love using the rowing machine, doing kettlebell swings, and doing dead ball slams.  All of these exercises provide you with a full body workout that will get your heart rate pumping and is sure to leave you sore in the morning.  It all comes down to personal preference and finding the workouts you enjoy the most and sticking with them. Consistency is the key with working out.

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By Susan Harris

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