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Simple Tips That Will Make Your Sauna Experience A Lot Better

Saunas and steam rooms are great ways to relieve stress, relax, and detoxify your body. If you live a busy lifestyle, and you just want to spend some time enjoying and treating yourself, going to a sauna is a really good idea. It has numerous health benefits like pain relief, muscle relaxation, or skin cleansing. Studies have shown that going to the sauna regularly can increase your metabolic rate, improve circulation, and help with anxiety and insomnia.

make your sauna experience better

If you want to maximize your sauna experience, avoid possible risks, and get all the benefits, here are some simple tips that will guarantee your safety and enjoyment.

Avoid Eating A Heavy Meal Right Before Sauna

When you eat a heavy meal a lot of blood is concentrated in your digestive system. Since sauna improves blood circulation throughout the body, you won’t be able to achieve all the benefits if you have eaten a lot. Wait for at least one hour for a truly revitalizing sauna experience. While your body digests food, your blood pressure may drop a little bit. The heat from the sauna also lowers your blood pressure, so make sure you eat lightly to avoid getting nauseous or light-headed.

Drink Water Before And During A Sauna

Experts believe that a person loses approximately 2 cups of body water while in a sauna, due to high temperatures. Keeping your body hydrated is essential. Make sure you drink at least a glass of water before the sauna. Whether you are in the Spa salon or at home, make sure you bring some water with you in order to replace lost fluids. Never drink alcohol, because it increases the risks of dehydration, not to mention other health risks (e.g. balance, sensation, movement, or mental capabilities). So, instead of grabbing a cocktail or a beer after relaxing in the sauna, choose water with lemons, cucumbers, or mint to refresh you.

Take A Warm Shower Before Starting Your Sauna Session

If you want to maximize your sauna experience try showering with warm water and mild soap to prepare your skin. You will see a big difference. Your pores will be opened and your skin moisturized, so it’s not just for hygienic purposes. Removing excess oils produced by your skin, any dirt or dust, or creams and lotions is very important. Don’t apply any oils or powders after your shower, because you don’t want to clog up your pores.

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Invest In Accessories

Purchasing some interesting accessories can make your sauna experience more relaxing and enjoyable. Choose a sauna that offers headrests, backrests, or footrests for maximal comfort. 

Aromatherapy oils are luxurious and have many health benefits. They often add an atmosphere of relaxation and calmness. Combine them with gentle sponges and brushes. You can bring sea salt to the sauna for a nice scrub or put honey on your skin for moisturizing and increased sweating.

Don’t forget timers and thermometers. They are essential because you need to keep track of the room temperature and the time you have spent in the sauna. Nice lighting and calming background music are important factors as well.

For the authentic Finnish sauna experience don’t miss whisks, ladles, and buckets. When you pour water over hot stones it creates waves of heat that will open your pores and help you sweat out the toxins. Your skin will feel smooth, refreshed, and clean.

Relax, Meditate, And Focus On Positive Emotions

During your time in the sauna, you should be calm and present. Take your time to unwind and relax. Forget about any worries, stay quiet, and reflect on positive emotions. Enjoy nice background music and dim lighting and try to relax both physically and mentally.

 Aromatherapy can be very helpful, so make sure you have your favorite oil with you. Most people prefer eucalyptus, mint, rose, or lavender oil, but feel free to combine them the way you like. Experiment with chamomile, apple, or sage fragrances by adding them to the water you will pour onto the hot stones. The aroma will calm your senses, open the sinuses, and soothe sore muscles.

Take A Shower After Your Sauna

Traditionally, sauna users will jump into cold water or roll into the snow after being in the sauna. However, most people prefer a more gentle way to cool down. If you want a more gradual change of temperature - take a lukewarm shower or climb into a cold pool very slowly. It’s important to lower your temperature, so make sure you don’t skip this step. It will help you rinse off the sweat and close the pores. We guarantee you will feel re-energized.

After the shower, take your time. Lie down and allow your body to air dry slowly. Don’t worry if you continue sweating for a little while, it’s completely normal because your body needs time to adjust. Sit or lie for at least fifteen minutes before getting dressed.

So there you have it! These few tips will make your sauna experience enjoyable and safe. Make sure you try it! It’s very beneficial for your health and incredibly relaxing.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.