What to Do When You Suffer Severe Injuries After a Motorcycle Crash

There are many ways people choose to travel, and none are without an element of risk. Motorcyclists are especially vulnerable. They travel on roads alongside other motorized vehicles - frequently at similar speeds - yet have minimal protection. According to the NHTSA there are 27 times more deaths involving motorbikes than cars.

what to do if you suffer injuries from a motorcycle crash

When people come off their bikes, they may or may not have been wearing a helmet. The injuries sustained may be anything from road rash to brain injury, or from muscle damage to broken bones. When a person has been involved in a serious motorcycle accident, they may be uncertain as to what to do next. This article has been specifically written to help such people. 

Seek A Legal Advocate

When people are in a physically weakened and vulnerable state, having extra support is essential. According to the professionals at attorneys can help prove if negligence was involved in causing an accident. A lawyer would fight for a fair financial compensation to cover the injuries and losses that have been sustained. They would be experienced in handling parties who deny responsibility, or insurance company tactics designed to avoid paying out. 

Whilst legal professionals receive a share of any eventual payouts, statistics show that people obtain more money when they involve a lawyer. Many attorneys provide free consultations and operate a ‘no win no fee’ policy. 

Request Immediate Medical Attention

Someone should request and await a paramedic. It would be dangerous to remove a person’s helmet in case there have been neck or back injuries sustained. The only exception would be if the victim stopped breathing and required CPR

A medical professional would know what issues to look for, and may initiate x-rays, MRI or CT scans. A full medical diagnosis can take time to be established, and some symptoms may not appear immediately. The doctor will eventually produce a report. In many cases, consultants are involved to produce specialist reports and diagnoses. These documents can prove key to legal cases for compensation. 

Call The Police And Establish What Happened

There are a number of circumstances where it is illegal for anyone to leave the scene of the accident until the Police have arrived. It’s advisable to request the names of the officers attending, and also the document number of the pending crash report. The Police assessment of the events may also support your legal claim for compensation. 

It is wise to discuss the accident with the other parties involved, to ascertain what happened, and why. Try to do this in an objective and unemotional way. Don’t blame people or physically retaliate. Anyone who apologises is effectively admitting liability. It’s important to establish your account of what happened and not to vary it. 

Collect Important Written Data

If a third party was involved in the accident, obtain their name, address and telephone number. You will also need a copy of their insurance policy document and driving license. If the driver doesn’t own the vehicle, find out who does. 

There may have been onlookers or other drivers at the scene of the accident. If this is the case, obtain their contact details too, so you can obtain witness statements. They may be prepared to provide a recorded account of the incident, using your mobile phone. This could help provide crucial evidence for your case. 

Take Photographs

Photographic evidence of your injuries will support the claim for medical costs and demonstrate the traumatic element of what has occurred. 

Take pictures of the vehicles involved, including the license plates and damage sustained. It’s also worth obtaining photos of the road signs and landmarks to establish the location of the accident. 

There may have been other factors involved in causing the event. There may have been overhanging trees or an unlit road. Perhaps there were loose stones or untreated potholes. Take pictures of anything that can support your claim for third party negligence. 

Collate The Medical Documentation

This will not just include the doctors’ reports. There will also be hospital bills and invoices for prescription medication. This could be anything from sleeping tablets to pain relief meds. Keep the bills for any physical or emotional therapy that has been undertaken. 

There may have also been medical equipment that has been purchased. This could include wheelchair ramps, support handles, walk-in showers or stairlifts. 

Whilst a person’s life may never be the same after sustaining a serious injury, they may be able to gain financial compensation. This would cover their loss of earnings and could help with any past and future medical expenses.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.