Sara Sigmundsdóttir Injury

Sara Sigmundsdóttir has become a household name in the CrossFit world as she is seen as one of the best athletes of 2019.  No matter who she is competing against, you can believe that Sigmundsdóttir will be leading the tempo the entire time. An athlete that is known for her pure power and mental discipline, this can have a toll on an athlete’s body.  In this article we talk about Sara Sigmundsdóttir injury history as well as have exclusive quotes from Sara on the subject.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir just recently placed third overall in the Dubai CrossFit Games which is an impressive feat, but even more impressive when you find out that she was still recovering from injury.  She was forced to miss the previous two CrossFit events because of a lingering rib injury that kept her from her typical workout routine, as well as kept her out of all competitions. Dealing with injury and hoping to prevent further irritation, Sigmundsdóttir had to develop a new workout routine and diet program that she has since labeled the legendary Sara Sigmundsdóttir Diet.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir Injury History

Thankfully Sigmundsdóttir hasn’t suffered many injuries throughout her young career, but she has still had a taste of injury from her most recent rib injury that happened during the 2018 Crossfit Games.  Her team had decided to use a new weightlifting belt that she had never used before and the combination of the sturdy leather and her accelerated breathing actually cracked her 9th rib on the right side. Sigmundsdóttir proved her mental toughness and determination by continuing to compete for two more days being forced to withdraw by the events medical team.

After withdrawing from the CrossFit games, Sigmundsdóttir wasn’t allowed to do any lifting or training for 12 weeks to allow her rib enough time to heal.  This really put a damper on her camp but she was able to focus on her recovery as well as her flexibility. Often times CrossFit athletes focus so much time on their strength that they overlook the importance of flexibility.  Having proper mobility is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and to fight off any unnecessary injuries.

Although the 12 weeks away from training wasn’t a complete waste as Sara Sigmundsdóttir spent time towards earning an online degree in Psychology to help her become a better competitor.  This proves how competitive Sigmundsdóttir is to becoming one of the best CrossFit athletes of all time.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir’s Return From Injury

An injury has the potential to defeat even the toughest of athletes, but Sigmundsdóttir was able to use the time away from training to help improve other aspects of her game.  Sara Sigmundsdóttir’s Coach, Phil Mansfield, decided to take the time away from training to put in a plan to improve the overall health of Sara’s body. She has changed her diet and developed a better stretching routine to help deal with ongoing knee injuries and help flush out inflammation from her body.  She knew she had to provide her body with more nutrients so she began drinking red juice in the morning to provide her body with antioxidants as well as cutting out sugary drinks in favor for drinking green tea.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir’s coach and team also developed a strategy for her to improve her endurance while also lifting heavy which is a difficult feat to master.  Typically athletes will focus on either training endurance or lifting heavy to build strength. But Sigmundsdóttir’s coach had developed a routine that has helped her reach personal bests in squats and deadlifts as well as her 5K running times.  This added strength as well as overall improvement in endurance has helped her feel in her best possible condition. She used to be worried about gassing out late in competitions because of the extra weight she was carrying, but by changing her diet and routine she has lost a few pounds and drastically improved her conditioning.

After changing up her workout routine as well as her diet, Sigmundsdóttir has put on a few excellent performances that have proven her adjustment was the correct decision.  She was able to place first in the Worldwide CrossFit Open as well as first in the Strength in Depth Competition in London. Along with those first place finishes, she has had multiple top three finishes this year.  She knows that her improvements have put her close to the top of the division and she hopes to maintain her form through the coming competitions.

We love how inspiring Sara’s story is and how she used a time of weakness to improve her overall health.  She was able to recover from a serious rib injury and become a better CrossFit athlete because of it. You can read our article about Sara Sigmundsdóttir before Crossfit to see how far she has come with the help of her team.  She is a truly inspirational character and we hope that she keeps doing great in competitions.

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