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Who Is Sara Sigmundsdóttir?

Sara Sigmundsdottir is a world class Crossfit athlete, learn about her diet and workout program.

Millions of people in the past year have joined their local CrossFit gym in order to get into better shape and to compete with athletes in their area.  They typically have a great workout and a pretty solid diet plan, but when you compare it to world champion CrossFit athletes such as Sara Sigmundsdottir you will be shocked.  Sigmundsdottir has one of the most impressive diets and workout plans out of all of the athletes we have interviewed.  In this article we go with in detail the infamous Sara Sigmundsdottir diet. 

Who Is Sara Sigmundsdóttir?

What Sara Sigmundsdóttir looked like before Crossfit

Before we jump into what Sara Sigmundsdóttir looked like before Crossfit training, it is important to remind readers who may not be aware of who Sara Sigmundsdóttir is.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir is an Icelandic professional Crossfit athlete who has gained tremendous popularity in recent years because of her recent performances as well as her light-hearted personality.  She is 27 years of age and first burst onto the Crossfit scene in 2015 when she shocked the world by placing third in the 2015 Crossfit Open. This worldwide event was able to showcase that this up-and-coming Crossfit athlete meant business. 

Sara Sigmundsdottir Diet: How A Crossfit Champion Stays In Shape

There aren't many 26 year old that can say they are among the fittest people on the earth, but Sara Sigmundsdottir certainly can.  As a Crossfit champion of the world as well as world class power lifter, she pushes the limits of world records on a daily basis.  And the thing that separates Sara Sigmundsdottir from the competition is the Sara Sigmundsdottir Diet as well as her incredible workout routine.

What Is The Sara Sigmundsdottir Diet?

As you may have expected, Sara Sigmundsdottir stays with a strict diet in order to perform at her very best.  But what is included in her daily diet?  Well there is a lot of research and preparation that goes into her 6 meals a day which includes 3 large meals as well as 3 smaller meals per day.

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Her macros may change on a day to day basis based on what kind of training she is doing.  Whether it is a cardio day or a strength day, she may need a different routine of fuel to get the best out of herself.  But typically she will eat breakfast, lunch, dinner and 3 small meals throughout the day which are typically before and after her workouts.

One thing that stays the same no matter what type of training she is doing is her strong preferences for protein.  With anywhere from 150 to 200 grams of protein per day this is where her muscle growth and recovery comes from.  It can often times be difficult to consumer this much protein on a daily basis, but it can be done if you are very calculated with what you eat and when you eat.  To learn more about the Sara Sigmundsdottir Diet on a daily basis, read the section below.

What The Sara Sigmundsdottir Diet Breakdown Looks Like:

This is what a typical training day diet looks like for Sara Sigmundsdottir who typically uses a custom keto diet.  Along with this diet she typically drinks roughly 4 liters or 1 gallon of water per day to stay as hydrated as possible.

Sara Sigmundsdottir's Breakfast

Focusing on getting some protein and fruits in her system early in the morning, Sara Sigmundsdottir will typically have an egg, spinach, and bell pepper omelet.  As well as roughly 130 grams of egg whites. 

After her eggs, Sara Sigmundsdottir will have a bowl of bananas, blueberries, strawberries, hazelnuts, dates, and cashew milk.  She typically will add in a red juice smoothie to help give her body the antioxidants and vitamins to stay healthy while she trains.

This meal will give her enough protein and slow-carbs to give her some energy before her first workout of the day.  Along with her breakfast she will have a cup of green tea to make sure she has enough energy for the day ahead.

Sara Sigmundsdottir's Post Workout Meal

After her morning workout, Sara Sigmundsdottir will recover by creating a plant based protein smoothie that contains plant based protein powder, a frozen banana, peanut butter, and water to provide her with the muscle recovery solution she needs.

Sara Sigmundsdottir's Lunch

After recovering from her first workout of the day, Sara Sigmundsdottir will prepare a lunch that is provides carbs as well as protein for added energy and recovery.  Sara will typically put together 30 grams of lentils mixed with rice, vegetables, and chicken as her choice or protein.

Sara Sigmundsdottir's Dinner

Sara Sigmundsdottir typically has a very similar dinner compare to her lunch.  It is typically rice mixed with lentils and vegetables, as well as chicken to increase her protein levels.  Her chicken is typically cooked with turmeric powder to help calm the inflammation that occurs after a long training session.

Sara Sigmundsdottir's Post Dinner Meal

Sara focuses on another plant based protein shake in order to reach her 160 grams of protein per day goal.  She will also mix bananas and peanut butter into her shake to receive some healthy fats to her diet.

What Did Sara Sigmundsdóttir Look Like Before Crossfit?

Even before Crossfit, Sara has always been an incredible athlete.  She comes from an athletic family and growing up in Iceland was a great location for her to improve her athletic ability.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir just recently placed third overall in the Dubai CrossFit Games which is an impressive feat, but even more impressive when you find out that she was still recovering from injury.  She was forced to miss the previous two CrossFit events because of a lingering rib injury that kept her from her typical workout routine, as well as kept her out of all competitions. Dealing with injury and hoping to prevent further irritation, Sigmundsdóttir had to develop a new workout routine and diet program that she has since labeled the legendary Sara Sigmundsdóttir Diet.
Sara Sigmundsdóttir looked different than she does now before starting crossfit

Sara Sigmundsdóttir walked bodybuilding stages before starting Crossfit

As you can see, even before crossfit Sara Sigmundsdóttir had a great athletic background.  Sara grew up trying a few different sports such as swimming and gymnastics but never fell in love with either sports.  But growing up with an athletic family she soon fell in love with weight lifting.

She began weight lifting with her family and a few friends and soon developed a passion for it that she had never had for other sports.  After graduating high school in 2012, Sara Sigmundsdóttir knew she wanted to pursue weight lifting and personal training full time, but she was stuck working a desk job at a local gym.

Even though she was working at the front desk of her local gym, she never let this slow her down.  She was staying consistent with her weight lifting and after discovering Crossfit online, she soon started incorporating Crossfit style lifts into her workouts as well as a custom keto diet.  And then Sara began to transform into the Crossfit athlete you know today.

She was able to connect with her now coach, Jami Tikkanen, who helped her get her first start in competing.  She was able to start competing at small local Crossfit competitions, and then not too long later she was able to make her appearance at the 2015 World Open.

What Can You Learn From The Sara Sigmundsdóttir Before Crossfit Story?

Whether you are an inspiring Crossfit athlete, or just value general health and fitness, then you can learn a lot from Sara Sigmundsdóttir.  Before Sara Sigmundsdóttir started Crossfit she was able to visualize what her dream was. And then she was able to work every single day to make her dream a reality.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir Injury

Sara Sigmundsdóttir has become a household name in the CrossFit world as she is seen as one of the best athletes of 2019.  No matter who she is competing against, you can believe that Sigmundsdóttir will be leading the tempo the entire time. An athlete that is known for her pure power and mental discipline, this can have a toll on an athlete’s body.  In this article we talk about Sara Sigmundsdóttir injury history as well as have exclusive quotes from Sara on the subject.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir Injury History

Thankfully Sigmundsdóttir hasn’t suffered many injuries throughout her young career, but she has still had a taste of injury from her most recent rib injury that happened during the 2018 Crossfit Games.  Her team had decided to use a new weightlifting belt that she had never used before and the combination of the sturdy leather and her accelerated breathing actually cracked her 9th rib on the right side. Sigmundsdóttir proved her mental toughness and determination by continuing to compete for two more days being forced to withdraw by the events medical team.

After withdrawing from the CrossFit games, Sigmundsdóttir wasn’t allowed to do any lifting or training for 12 weeks to allow her rib enough time to heal.  This really put a damper on her camp but she was able to focus on her recovery as well as her flexibility. Often times CrossFit athletes focus so much time on their strength that they overlook the importance of flexibility.  Having proper mobility is one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and to fight off any unnecessary injuries.

Although the 12 weeks away from training wasn’t a complete waste as Sara Sigmundsdóttir spent time towards earning an online degree in Psychology to help her become a better competitor.  This proves how competitive Sigmundsdóttir is to becoming one of the best CrossFit athletes of all time.

Sara Sigmundsdóttirs injury history

Sara Sigmundsdóttir’s Return From Injury

An injury has the potential to defeat even the toughest of athletes, but Sigmundsdóttir was able to use the time away from training to help improve other aspects of her game.  Sara Sigmundsdóttir’s Coach, Phil Mansfield, decided to take the time away from training to put in a plan to improve the overall health of Sara’s body. She has changed her diet and developed a better stretching routine to help deal with ongoing knee injuries and help flush out inflammation from her body.  She knew she had to provide her body with more nutrients so she began drinking red juice in the morning to provide her body with antioxidants as well as cutting out sugary drinks in favor for drinking green tea.

Sara Sigmundsdóttir’s coach and team also developed a strategy for her to improve her endurance while also lifting heavy which is a difficult feat to master.  Typically athletes will focus on either training endurance or lifting heavy to build strength. But Sigmundsdóttir’s coach had developed a routine that has helped her reach personal bests in squats and deadlifts as well as her 5K running times.  This added strength as well as overall improvement in endurance has helped her feel in her best possible condition. She used to be worried about gassing out late in competitions because of the extra weight she was carrying, but by changing her diet and routine she has lost a few pounds and drastically improved her conditioning.

After changing up her workout routine as well as her diet, Sigmundsdóttir has put on a few excellent performances that have proven her adjustment was the correct decision.  She was able to place first in the Worldwide CrossFit Open as well as first in the Strength in Depth Competition in London. Along with those first place finishes, she has had multiple top three finishes this year.  She knows that her improvements have put her close to the top of the division and she hopes to maintain her form through the coming competitions.

We love how inspiring Sara’s story is and how she used a time of weakness to improve her overall health.  She was able to recover from a serious rib injury and become a better CrossFit athlete because of it.

Final Thoughts On The Sara Sigmundsdottir's Daily Diet

Sara Sigmundsdottir stays on a incredibly strict diet during training days as well as recovery days.  Her diet is typically the same on both of these days but she also tries to keep her water intake to roughly 1 gallon of water per day. Similar to the Kayla Itsines Diet Sigmundsdottir puts a huge importance on getting at least 7 - 8 hours of rest per night.

If you are hoping to replicate this diet I would recommend focusing on your protein intake and pay close attention to your carbs and fat intake.

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