Reasons Why Kayaking Is So Popular

It’s no mystery why so many people enjoy outdoor sports: they can combine holiday making with physical fitness, and merge team fun with nature appreciation. There is a range of different activities to enjoy, from skiing and surfing to cycling and canoeing.

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Interestingly, kayaking has become the swiftest growing outdoor sport in the U.S. Of its total fans, 40% do sea kayaking, whilst 30-35% do it for recreational purposes. So what’s the attraction here, and why are the numbers growing so rapidly? Let’s find out now. 

It’s Inexpensive

If you see a person kayaking, all they will have is the kayak, a paddle, and a lifejacket. Once the initial purchases have been made, there will be few ongoing costs. The travel specialists behind say that before people buy, they would want to read reviews on the best kayaks first - be they sit-on, inflatables, or fishing designs. Folks are also hungry for online articles designed for beginners or discussing kayak safety and the sport’s health benefits. 

It Appeals To All Ages And Abilities

Kayaking is something that can be done during a family holiday. As a result, the kayaks come in different sizes, and the paddles have varying weights. The sport is primarily a workout for the upper body, making it highly accessible for those who have physical disabilities below the waist. 

Unlike some outdoor activities, it won’t take long to provide the initial training. This means that impatient children will soon be up and running with their kayaks! It’s also one of the safest outdoor sports, which will be a real comfort to parents. 

It’s Full Of Variety

Each different location will require its own techniques and skills. People may head for swift, flat or deep water when kayaking. More experienced folk may prefer white water and class III rapids over urban waterways. Others may simply require a fishing kayak that will remain motionless on the water. 

It’s Good For Our Health

People find this sport a great way to lose weight, alongside having a healthy diet. When people are physically tired they sleep better too. There are also benefits for our mental health when we take regular exercise. Wizard's Eye Kayaks help individuals learn how to kayak and they explain that the mental health and physical health benefits of kayaking are amazing!

In terms of this physical activity, it’s a low impact sport like swimming. It provides a cardiovascular workout, developing our breathing functions and also our abs. Our muscles, speed, and stamina will all benefit. As with any sport, we will experience that amazing adrenaline buzz at the end;  Endorphins and other ‘happy hormones’ will be released into our bodies. 

It Can Be Done Alone Or In Groups

Some people need headspace away from mobile phones, people, and cities. They, therefore, head towards the countryside for some time alone.

Kayaking provides the perfect opportunity to go exploring. There are suitable waterways in urban, rural locations, and even cities. Traveling slower than a car, a person will be able to fully take in the scenery that surrounds them.

Kayaking can be a social sport too, with family groups and sports teams and clubs. It’s a great way to find new friends who have a similar interest. 

It Provides Freedom And Closeness To Nature

Kayaks are highly portable, and can usually be carried by two people. Most cars can cope if two are strapped on, and there are also trailers designed to carry more. This means it can be easy to jump in the car and spontaneously set off somewhere. Kayaking often introduces people to the wonders of rivers, canals, and streams. There may also be reedbeds and riverbanks. The waters may be full of beautiful fish, and birds may be in the nearby trees. Rather than viewing the wildlife from a distance, kayaking gives you the chance to see it ‘up close and personal.’

It’s Great For Holidays 

Kayaking fans may go on special three-day trips or combine it with camping. They may either desire to travel 26 miles in a day or to take it slow and catch up with friends.

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It’s an affordable sport compared to some, and even people who don’t own any equipment have options. They can use rental companies to get what they need on location and enjoy tuition and professional guides. 

These have been just a few of the reasons why kayaking has so much appeal. When they are added together, they make a compelling case for taking up the sport. Once people do so, they will no doubt enjoy these activities for many years to come. They may even inspire others to do the same. 

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.