Proven Ways to Increase Your Breast Size

Many women feel dissatisfied with the natural size of their breasts. Most of them don't have enough time and money to go for breast enlargement surgery. A large section of such women is giving various natural methods to enlarge their breasts a shot. Though the results you might get from one of the below-mentioned methods might not be as noticeable as a surgical implant, they show significant results. It might take you some time, but it is possible. The methods to achieve the same are as follows:

proven ways to increase the size of your breasts

Breast Massage

As per many sources, one option to try to increase your breast size is breast massage. However, such breast enlargement massages need to be carried out by following the proper technique. When you massage your breast with the right special oils and creams, it is possible to observe a noticeable breast growth. Besides enhancing the breast size, these messages also make you feel good and relaxed, improving posture and mood. Another point that makes massages an excellent option to improve your breast is the method's relative safety and affordability. So, it makes the technique worth a try, and if nothing else, you will feel relaxed, content, and at ease.


Many people wrongly perceive pushups to be an exercise that affects only the arms. But push ups also work out your pectoral region and chest muscles. Both the two are, in fact, related. When you exert your pectoral region, it, in turn, serves to make the chest stronger and larger, thereby making the breasts appear fuller. The muscular benefits you get in your arms in terms of trim are an additional advantage. While starting your pushup exercises, do three sets of fifteen pushups every alternate day. You can increase this number with the gradual strengthening of your arms and pectorals.

Perform Dumbbell Chest Presses

Dumbbell chest presses are yet another option open to you if you want to make your pectoral muscles more muscular and larger. That, in turn, helps in pushing out your breasts. Start by choosing a dumbbell of weight you can lift comfortably for three sets, each running to eight to twelve reps. For beginners, weights of 8, 10, or 12 pounds are a good starting point. Practice such chest presses twice or thrice a week. As your strength increases, you add to the number of reps you do in each set.
breast enlargement

Practice Isometric Chest Contraction Exercises

In this particular type of exercise, you only contract your muscles without extending the same. It works well to enhance the size of the chest muscle. It is particularly suited for women without any equipment as all you need to exercise is a hand towel. Practice doing this exercise at least thrice weekly for best results.

Intake Greater Amounts Of Estrogen

The hormone estrogen is responsible for shaping up women's breasts. When puberty stops at the end of the teenage years, the female body stops producing this estrogen hormone. However, it is still possible to add to your body estrogen levels by eating suitable food items, particularly items belonging to the soy family, like tofu, soy milk, soy cheese, and soybeans. Most breast enhancement pills owe their effects from their estrogen content derived from the variety of constituent herbs.

Put On Weight

When you do diets and exercise to keep your body thin and trim, it will help you keep in mind that the effect affects your breasts. It is a little-known secret that intaking more calories will make your breasts more prominent. There is the caveat that your body will overall become bulkier too. Another landmark in a women's life that boosts breast sizes as well is pregnancy.

Think About Getting Fat Injections

Through the minimally invasive fat injection procedure, women can experience bigger breasts too. During such an operation, fat sourced from the buttocks or the abdomen of a person is injected into breasts. It helps to make the latter appear fuller. However, it takes a series of such injections before any noticeable result since the body absorbs a significant amount of fat. Extreme caution needs to be applied while undergoing this procedure. There is always the probability for the fat to calcify and complicate your health condition.

Explore The Possibilities Of Electric Acupuncture

Electric acupuncture involves the insertion of needles into the breast. Through the needles, electricity is transferred to the cells, which results in the latter getting plumped up. This practice enjoys wide popularity among celebrities. The results are, however, sometimes, only temporary might involve more than one treatment session. However, caution is advisable as the long-term effects of the procedure are yet to be explored fully.

Final Thoughts

It is only normal to be conscious about having small breasts. But one thing you should keep in mind is that it's not something you must necessarily put up with all through your life. You have several options open to you that include going for permanent surgical fixes to solutions that make your breasts larger for a period. This article brings to you some lesser-known ways you can enhance your breasts without surgical intervention. However, remember what's most important is your health. So consult a doctor before you practice any serious method mentioned here.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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