Pressure Wash Your House the Right Way With These Tips

Your home is a place where you’re free to be yourself completely and enjoy your time there. The way you decorate your interior should reflect your personal style and the things you love. However, the exterior of your home plays a part in how you present yourself to the world, so it’s important that it looks nice as well. The first step to doing that is to keep it clean, and that’s where pressure washing comes in. It’s an incredibly fast and effective way to clean your house, but since it can also potentially damage it if it’s not done properly, it’s important to look at the main tips on how to pressure wash your house the right way.

1. Prep Work Is Key

Before you can even start to pressure wash your house, there’s a lot of preparation that needs to be done. For starters, you need to gather everything you’ll need for the project – a Giraffe pressure washer, a detergent that’s suitable for your house’s siding, protective clothing, and some plastic sheeting. You want to move all the outdoor furniture into the garage, disconnect and cover all the electrical plugs outside, cover your grill and other appliances with plastic sheeting to protect them from moisture damage, and remove any potted plants as well. If there are any shrubs, vines, or hedges near your house, make sure you trim them back far enough to not impede the pressure washer wand.

2. Test And Spray

Before using a pressure washer on your house, you should do a test spray first. This will help you figure out what angle and distance to hold the wand at so that the water is evenly dispersed over the surface of your home. It’s always a good idea to test this on a hard-to-see area on the exterior of your house, or someplace that’s not visible to the street. You also want to ensure that the detergent you’re using is suitable for the surface you’re cleaning. If you don’t want to get detergent, a simple cleaning hack is to just use a water and vinegar solution. That can also help you remove particularly stubborn stains that would otherwise require a lot of scrubbing. After you’ve found the best nozzle position to spray from, always keep it at the same angle and distance as you move up your house, but remember to adjust based on how high up you are – this is why you need protective clothing for this part.

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3. Rinse And Let It Dry

If you’ve used detergent or if the vinegar solution was particularly strong, you might want to rinse it off with plain water. This will make sure that no soap or vinegar residue gets left behind and ruins the paint on your house. Afterward, turn off the wand and let it dry naturally – do not use a rag to wipe away excess moisture, as this can leave marks. Depending on what material your siding is made out of and what the weather is like, it should take around two days for it to dry completely. However, if you want to paint or stain it afterward, you’ll need to wait at least four days before doing so. This will ensure that the paint or stain goes on smoothly and that you get the best possible coverage.

Pressure washing your house is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make it look shiny and new, but since doing it the wrong way can risk leaving damage behind, it’s important that you use these tips and do everything right. With the right materials and preparation, you’ll be able to pressure wash your house quickly and efficiently with as little effort as possible.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.