Practical Ways You Can Help Seniors Move Inside Your Home

When we age, our bones and muscles become weak, which leads to easy trips, slips, and falls in our homes. Someone falling at home in their old age can have adverse consequences to their health and might lead to worse situations like permanent broken bones and fractures. , it's essential for the seniors to have walking aids or a stand that avoids them falling at home. Different mobility aids on marketplaces help to avert these situations and improve the seniors' confidence in their movements. Here is the list of these movement aids.

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Walking Sticks

Walking sticks have been in use since time immemorial and have played a significant role in helping the elderly move from one place to another with ease. The walking sticks are readily available and are made with different lengths and designs to fit every individual needs. Other than the traditional walking sticks, there are the modern walking sticks made of carbon fiber or aluminum, making them lightweight and provide maximum support when walking. For those who can't fully support themselves, there are advanced walking sticks in tripod shape that provide maximum stability to the aged, while some come fully fixed with technological features. There are also folding walking sticks, which can be used in certain situations and folded when not used. You can buy one for your seniors, depending on their condition and budget.


Wheelchairs are the ultimate moving equipment for the aged who have weaker legs. Most loved ones prefer wheelchairs to walk sticks since they help rest their bodies while moving from one point to another. According to this best wheelchairs reviews, there are different types of wheelchairs to choose from, including manual wheelchairs, folding frame, manual wheelchairs, rigid frame, non-magnetic wheelchairs, portable, power, and heavy-duty wheelchairs. You have to check on the reviews and get the best according to your aged one's needs. Choosing a wheelchair depends on several factors, including the senior's condition, cost, availability, set budget, and maintenance costs, among others. There are also accessories which come with this equipment, including carrying baskets, cup holders, pouches, top-cover, etc. You have to practice extra care in choosing the best to avoid inconveniences after making the final purchase.

Walking frames with Rollators

Walking frames are lighter than the walking stick but provide more support to the elderly when moving within the compound. The frames are made of varying materials and come with different designs, which you can choose depending on your loved ones' needs. It is crucial to choose what fits them before making the final purchase. The walking frames are made of four or two rubber feet with two wheels, which, other than providing support, help in the natural movements of the elderly. Rollators are the walking trolleys on wheels with breaks and give a more controlled standing and movement support. Most of these models come with accessories, including seats for rest on long distances.

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Mobility Scooters

Are there scooters for the aged? Yes, mobility scooters are designed explicitly for the old and have a slow speed, which doesn't exceed 4-mph. These scooters are allowed for use only on paths and pavements, making them the best to use at home by the aging individuals to access the backyard, garage, and other essential places at home. These are zero-rated mobility devices, but it's necessary to get a proper maintenance schedule and an insurance cover to secure their use. Besides buying them, you can hire the scooters if planning to use them for a short period and don't have a budget for owning one. There are also charities and non-governmental organizations like the Red Cross, which donate some in needy situations.

Bathroom Aids

Bathrooms are private places which your aging loved ones may need to be alone when using them. Since they have weak muscles, they may not be able to use these places effectively without aids. Bathrooms can also get slippery due to excessive water and soaps, making them prone to slip and fall accidents. It is essential to have bathroom aids for seniors. These aids include the grab rails, swore seats, walk-in baths, and much more. All these make it easier to use the bathroom without slipping or falling. If you have money, you can create a separate wet room for the elderly, with all the essential amenities.

We will all age someday, and it's essential to care for the current seniors as much as we will want other people to care for us when it's our time. You can incorporate the above ways in homes to help the seniors in their mobility and offer support when using specific amenities at home.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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