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Liquid Gold Weight Loss

Have you every heard of the term liquid gold?  If you have been around the fitness industry for a few years then you may have heard the term and heard how it offers weight loss benefits.  But unfortunately, most people who have heard the term before don't have a good understanding of what it actually means.  That is why we decided to write this article so we can help the public have a better understanding of liquid gold and the health benefits that is comes with.

turmeric gold on a spoon

What Is Liquid Gold?

The term liquid gold had been thrown around a lot in recent years but hasn't been talked about in detail which has caused it to become mysterious.  You may hear stories of how people were able to lose weight by consuming a spoonful of liquid gold every morning but then they never actually go into detail about what liquid gold actually is.

But our team was able to do the research and test the product for ourselves and we are happy to help you learn about the product.  Liquid gold isn't a specific product but it is actually a kind of drink that utilizes turmeric powder mixed with coconut oil to provide the body with a large dose of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.  The major health benefits come from the turmeric which has an ingredient called curcumin which is known for fighting diseases, slowing the signs of aging, and helping the body get rid of toxins.

Turmeric powder has been used for hundreds of years as a spice to add flavor to a wide variety of different dishes.  However, it wasn't only used for its flavorful properties.  It has been used for its health benefits for hundreds of years and is still popular to this day.  It is common to see individuals add turmeric into their water or smoothies in order to get the health properties from the spice.  This is where liquid gold was first invented.  But instead of adding turmeric to your drinks, or attempting to make your own liquid gold drink, we recommend that you take a look at a product that was created by Organifi as they have created a perfect recipe.

Organifi is a company that has been around for years and they are known for the juices that they create.  Their most popular products are their green juice and red juice, but they have recently created new products such as their gold powder.  The gold powder takes inspiration from liquid gold but adds a scientific twist to the recipe to add even more health benefits.  The gold powder uses turmeric as their main ingredient as well, but they also add superfood ingredients such as Reishi mushrooms, magnesium, and lemon balm to help with weight loss as well as to promote healthy sleep.

We believe that Organifi are able to harness the powder of the original liquid gold drink but by using scientific studies that are able to provide even more health benefits to their product.  Our team has used this powder everyday for the past two months and we have seen green results.  Not only do we feel more energized during the day but we can feel our metabolism speeding up which helps with weight loss.  Your metabolism will help you burn extra calories as you go throughout your day.  We believe everyone should give Organifi's gold a try to feel the weight loss and health benefits for themselves.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.