Learn How To Smoke Cigars

Smoking cigars may not be the healthiest option for individuals, but many experts believe that is much healthier compared to smoking cigarette because you aren't inhaling the smoke. We believe that smoking a cigar once in awhile can be beneficial for your mental health and can help you relax after a long day of work. Read our guide to learn how to smoke cigars.

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Smoking cigars can be a lot of fun and can also be relaxing and a great stress reliever. Cigar Reader is a well known cigar expert who explains that smoking cigars have been incredibly popular for many years but has actually grown in popularity in recent years.

With recent technology advancements to a more old school industry, you can now get cigars shipped to your home which wasn't possible a few years back. We recommend you check out the best place to buy cigars online to get them shipped directly to your doorstep!

How To Smoke A Cigar

There are a few different guides to learning how to smoke cigars, but we wanted to provide the best resource for beginners or those who have never smoked a cigar before. Below we have provided an infographic that is easy and simple to follow. We will also provide a more in-depth guide below that.

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Below is a more in-depth guide to learning how to smoke. Before you start we recommend reading on the health impact of cigars. We recommend this article by the Center of Disease Control and Prevention.

In-Depth Cigar Guide

There are a few steps you must understand before you are ready to smoke your first cigar. Follow the steps below to become a cigar expert!

1. Get Your First Cigar

The first step is to buy your first cigar. We highly recommend that you purchase a mild cigar strength as this will be the most gentle for first time smokers compared to more potent cigars.

2. Cut The Cigar

Now that you have your cigar, it is time to cut it. We highly recommend you use a cigar cutter but you can use a knife if you don't have another option. Try to cut roughly 1/8th of a inch of the end of the cigar.

3. Warm Up The Cigar

This is technically an optional step but we think it can help to improve the quality of the cigar. We recommend warming up the tobacco within the cigar. This process is also called toasting the cigar and it involves running your lighter gently under the foot of the cigar to help warm it up before smoking it.

4. Light The Cigar

Now it is time to light the cigar. You can light the end of your cigar without letting the flame actually touch the cigar. Hold the flame for a few seconds and then take a few puff on the end of the cigar to allow the heat to go through the cigar. It is important that you don't actually inhale the smoke.

5. Enjoy Smoking Your Cigar

Now that the cigar is lit, you are able to smoke the cigar and enjoy! It is important that you don't inhale the smoke. You will need to smoke on the cigar once every few minutes in order to keep the cigar lit.

We hope our article we able to help you understand the benefits of smoking cigars as well as teach you how to become a cigar expert!

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By Susan Harris

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