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Issa Rae Weight Loss

Issa Rae is known for being one of the worlds most popular actresses but she is breaking headlines with her weight loss story.

Issa Rae is known throughout the world for being an HBO actress, but she is in recent headlines for her incredible fitness journey.  If you are curious about Issa Rae or the Issa Rae weight loss journey, then we will outline the complete journey in our guide.

Issa Rae may give off the “awkward girl” persona, but don’t let that false narrative fool you.  Issa Rae is as confident as they come, and a huge part of this comes from her new found love for fitness and healthy living.  And she has used her weight loss journey to give hope and motivation to millions of women around the world.

If you are struggling with your weight or because you haven’t hit your fitness goals, you are not alone!  There are millions of people around the world who are fighting the same fight as you and it is important to stay motivated throughout the whole process.  This is a key thing that Issa Rae focuses on during her daily workouts as well as her new diet.

Growing up with a Senegalese father and a Louisiana-born mother, food was always important at Issa Rae’s house.  But it wasn’t until recently when she decided to get serious with her diet and her cooking. She started cooking healthy meals that her parents would prepare for her when she was a child and soon found that she enjoyed cooking.

Issa Rae’s Diet

One thing that is common with people all around the United States is the love for trying new restaurants, and this is the same thing for Issa Rae.  She talks about how once she started acting for HBO she had more money to try new restaurants. Which sounds amazing! But the one thing that she was forgetting was how many calories were typically in these meals.  This is when she noticed an increase in her weight had began to start.  

Luckily Issa was self aware enough to realize that by eating out at different restaurants multiple times a week it wasn’t healthy for her body.  So she soon turned to cook her own meals and figured out how much she loved the process of preparing and cooking. Issa soon turned to the Keto Custom Plan company which helped her develop a custom keto diet to fit her lifestyle. If you ever find yourself turning to restaurants or fast food more than you would like to, it can be incredibly important to try home cooked meals in order to cut out unnecessary calories as well as save money.  You'll be shocked by how much better you can feel just by eating healthy food.  Issa loves eating nutrient dense meals that features turmeric, juices that are high in iron levels, and she has left great reviews for red juice smoothies.

Once Issa realized how great it felt to cook her own meals and how well her body responded to the home cooked meals, she turned her motivation to finding time for exercise.  The struggle she found with daily exercise is fitting it into her schedule. As you can expect, her schedule was typically packed full of different work and events. But Issa Rae didn’t let that stop her in her weight loss journey.  She soon started setting her alarm clock for 4:55 a.m in order to get consistent exercise every single day.

Issa Rae Workout Routine

You may think that a Hollywood celebrity would have the most complex workout routine possible.  But Issa Rae’s workout routine is typically based on the hills in her neighborhood. Instead of worrying about an advanced Crossfit inspired workout, she started by walking up and down her hilly neighborhood.  And once this started to get too easy, she would switch to a combination of walking and jogging up hills. And this was one of the keys of Issa Rae weight loss. While many other people utilize supplements such as ThermoFight X, Riduzone, or Modere Trim to help with their weight loss journey, we couldn't find any evidence that this was true for Issa.

Most people aren’t huge fans of walking and jogging because it isn’t the most entertaining workout you can do.  But if you take advantage of technology you can get a great workout in while listening to an audiobook or a podcast.  This will make your workout much more enjoyable, as well as the chance to be alone with just you and your thoughts can be great for creative individuals.

What You Can Learn From Issa Rae’s Weight Loss Journey

The important things to learn from Issa Rae are self awareness and consistency.  She was self aware enough to realize that she wasn’t living the healthiest lifestyle possible and because of that her energy levels were lower than they should have been.  She knew she had to make a change and when she decided to make a change she stayed consistent with it. It is important to stay consistent with your diet as well as your workouts, or all the hard work will be for nothing.

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