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Macrostax Review

If you have been around the nutrition and fitness industry for awhile or are new, you have probably heard the term macros thrown around.  If not, we will go into detail about this later in the article, but it has typically been a pain to count and calculate your macros. But a new application called Macrostax has recently come out that claims to make this process much easier.  But is Macrostax worth it?

What Is Macrostax?

Before we answer the question of what is Macrostax, we have to answer the question of what are your nutritional macros?  Macros, or macronutrients is a further breakdown of counting your calories as it separates the calories you eat into what percentage is protein, fat, and carbohydrates.  This may seem like it is overkill to track the percentages of what kind of food you are eating, but this can be incredibly important to help you reach your fitness goals.  Depending on what your fitness and nutrition goals are will depend on how much of each macro you eat.

So now that you know what Macros are, what is Macrostax?  In a simple form, Macrostax is your online nutrition coach that specializes in helping you reach your fitness goals.  Macrostax understands how difficult it can be to track and prepare your meals to meet your macro goals, so they help make your life easier.  Macrostax will create a custom macros plan as well as meal plan to help you meet your goals and evolves as you grow. This means you macro meals can be slightly different on the workout days when you need more sources of energy compared to recovery days.  For many athletes or people trying to gain or lose weight this can be a vital service to make their lives much easier. If you are trying to improve your workouts and your diet like your favorite athletes such as Sara Sigmundsdóttir or Kayla Itsines then it is incredibly important to start counting your macros.

When was Macrostax founded?

Macrostax was created in 2017 by Lindsey Jenks.  Lindsey and her husband Casey had been obsessed with Crossfit in the years before she created Macrostax but it all started when they were on a long road trip across the country.  They began talking about how difficult it was to track their macros on a daily basis but how expensive nutritionists were. And this is when the lightbulb went off and Lindsey knew she had a great idea.  She knew there were thousands of athletes around the country who were in need of an application that made tracking your macros easy.

So Mrs. Jenks began brainstorming her entire business plan on that long road trip home, and the rest is history.  In a few short years she had created an application that is used by thousands of happy customers all around the world.  She took her knowledge from being a Crossfit gym owner as well as being a fitness coach at the University of Florida to good use to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Review of The Macrostax App

If you are reading Macrostax reviews to have a better understanding of the Macrostax app you don't have to look any further. We have performed a complete review of the Macrostax App and have also relied on Macrostax reviews from real customers.

The Macrostax App is incredibly easy to navigate and makes daily use easy and smooth. If you don't have much experience with technology then you don't have to worry because the Macrostax App is very easy to use. We absolutely love using the application and we believe you will enjoy using it on a daily basis as well!

Does Macrostax Have A Free Trial?

Macrostax typically does have a free trial but this depends on the time of the year that you search. It is common for Macrostax to offer routine discounts and free trials so it is important to search every few weeks to see if you are able to secure a free trial for Macrostax.

Macrostax Recipes

If you are looking for macro friendly recipes then we highly recommend you check out Macrostax's blog as well as their exclusive member content. The team at Macrostax are routinely putting out amazing recipes that range from macro friendly apple pie to easy slow cooker meals. By reading Macrostax reviews we saw that many customers use their recipes on a daily basis!

Final Thoughts On Our Macrostax Review: Is Macrostax Worth It?

Now that you have an understanding of what Macrostax is, the question remains:  Is Macrostax worth it. My answer is YES! As someone who has paid a lot of money to routinely visit a nutritionist in the past, I can easily say that Macrostax makes the entire process of counting your calories easy.  You will be able to spend less time worrying about what percentage protein you will need for each day and you will be able to trust Macrostax to do all of the hard work for you.

The price point they charge is significantly lower than what I would have expected and it allows anyone to be able to effectively count their calories.  If you are trying to lose weight like celebrities Issa Rae, Shonda Rhimes, or Wynonna Judd than counting your macros is incredibly important.

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