In-Home Care Options to Discuss With Your Aging Loved Ones

Caring for our aging loved ones is something that all good human beings should do. After all, our parents did raise us from birth, so we owe it to them to look after them in their old age. As we age, we lose our independence. It is no longer possible to drive a car or walk long distances, so the elderly must be looked after to have as much company as possible in the most familiar surroundings.

caring for an elderly loved one

Some people like the idea of moving into a home where they can be close to other people of a similar age, whereas for others, this is their worst nightmare, and they wish to grow old gracefully from the comfort of their own home. If this sounds like your elderly loved ones, then read on, as we will take a look at the various in-home care options available to you.

Full-time live-in carer

The first option available to you and your elderly loved ones is a full-time, live-in carer. This may sound a bit intrusive, but when you think about the care they can provide, it makes sense. A full-time carer will be able to look after the hygiene of your elderly loved ones as well as the cleaning of the house. 

They will also cook all their meals, ensuring that their diet is full of the nutrients that they need, and they can take your loved one out during the day to visit their favourite places. This doesn’t mean to say that you have no role to play in your loved one’s life - quite the opposite, as the more company they have from different people, the more fulfilling their old age will be. 

Part-time carer

For some people, they don’t need to have a full-time carer as they still have a limited amount of independence. The next best option is a part-time carer, who can take care of the tasks that the elderly can no longer do, such as the housework or maintaining the garden. Professionals at Expert Home Care can devise a care plan to suit every older person’s needs, as well as their financial situation, so it is important that you check out the options available to your loved ones. A carer may only be needed for a few hours a week, but at least they will have all the difficult chores completed for them, and they will also gain some valuable company, which will help them to enjoy their old age. 

Meal delivery service

It is paramount that the elderly have a healthy, nutritious diet, full of all the necessary vitamins, so when it gets to the point that your aging loved ones can no longer cook for themselves, consider having a meal service deliver their food to their home every day. This way, you can ensure that they eat a hot square meal at the end of every day and that they have plenty of fruits for breakfast and balanced lunch, with snacks available throughout the day. It will also save you the hassle of shopping at the supermarket, freeing you up to spend more time in their company, which will help prolong their lives.
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Find a companion

One of the things that the elderly miss most is the company of others, especially their peer group. The best way around this is to find someone offering companionship caring services so that your loved one has someone that comes to their home every day and spends a couple of hours talking to them about whatever takes their fancy. This will give them a sense of worth and stimulate their brains, helping to stave off degenerative illnesses such as dementia and, hopefully, extend their lives. 

As we have learned, there are many in-home care services that you can discuss with an aging loved one. The first option is to have a full-time live-in carer, who will cater to their every need from cleaning to cooking. If this is too much, then a part-time carer can handle the jobs your loved one cannot longer do, such as looking after the garden or doing the washing up. 

If your loved one needs help preparing food, then maybe your best option is to have meals delivered to their house daily so that they eat as healthily as possible. Finally, if companionship is what they need, then arrange for a career to come to their home for a couple of hours every day to discuss the world’s rights and wrongs. If you follow this guide, then your elderly loved one will have the best possible in-home care.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.