How Ultrasound Technology Can Help You Be Healthier and More Beautiful

Since the 1940s, ultrasound has been commonly used in various branches of medicine due to its safety, precise control, and impressive results. Nowadays, however, the use of ultrasound technology has an important role in the cosmetic industry too and has been shown to be effective in various facial treatment applications. As the skincare industry is booming with different technologies and constantly developing treatments, it is important to look at each treatment in detail to determine which types of cosmetic practices are suitable for your needs.

ultrasound technology for beauty and health benefits

Here is how ultrasound technology as a facial treatment can help you become healthier and more beautiful.  

How Does Ultrasound Technology Work?

When most people think of ultrasound, they immediately associate it with its application in scanning pregnant women, but it has far more extensive uses. In recent years, for example, there have been major advances in non-surgical skin treatments regarding facelifts and skin tightening. Ultrasound in Ultherapy has been shown to be among the advanced and trustworthy treatments and has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for non-invasive aesthetic lifts in the aesthetics industry.

Ultrasound in Ultherapy has two different applications. The experts at Ultherapy® Singapore explain that the first application is similar to the use in scanning pregnant women, in which ultrasound is used to see the surface beneath your skin so that your practitioner can then map your skin layers to plan your treatment accordingly. The second application is using ultrasound with high thermal energy intensity to produce more focused treatments on different areas of skin that need to be treated. This treatment process is delivered with a handheld device.

Ultrasound Technology and its Application in Cosmetic Practices

Ultrasound uses energy produced by sound waves to stimulate collagen, increase blood flow, and reduce inflammation in your skin cells that are located far below your visible skin layers. Ultrasound technology is proven to help people fight against skin problems such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne, aging skin, and rosacea, according to the International Dermal Institute. 

As Ultherapy produces positive results for people with various skin problems but without any downtime, surgery, or pain, it is gaining more and more popularity in the aesthetics industry. Ultrasound treatments can help to slow the visible signs of aging and improve your facial skin significantly by repairing damaged skin cells, controlling pigmentation, and enhancing collagen and elastin production. 

Ultherapy for Skin Lifts

As ultrasound can promote collagen production effectively, many people are using it to lift their skin by targeting deep tissues underneath their skin layers. You can choose to use ultrasound energy to help remove your double chin, your neck, or your eyebrows without having surgery. Furthermore, the FDA has approved Ultherapy for smoothing the lines around the chest area and treating wrinkles from cosmetic practices as well. 

Ultherapy for People With Skin Laxity

People who have mild to moderate skin laxity in the facial and neck area can turn to Ultherapy as a treatment. Skin laxity is when your skin is notably loose or sagging. Specifically, young people under the age of 30 can often use ultrasound technology in their facial treatment plan as a preventative measurement to tighten their skin up. 

Timeframe for Results 

In most cases, people will see the initial effects of Ultherapy within the first few days. However, sustained and long-lasting changes will be observed in the next two to three months after ultrasound treatment. Generally, improvements can be seen up to one year after your last treatment but in some cases, people have seen positive results from Ultherapy last for longer than this.

After your treatment with ultherapy, you can expect to go back to your normal daily routine without having to follow hard-to-maintain post-procedure care. Moreover, one treatment time of ultrasound is normally sufficient, but depending on your skin conditions and specific expectations, you may need to opt for a second or third session. 

Why Should You Choose Ultrasound Technology

Due to its highly precise nature, ultrasound can help beauty practitioners treat your skin based on your specific skin type and issues. The ultrasound device can focus its energy on the exact areas you need, and this energy can penetrate up to 5mm in order to reach the deeper layers of your skin cells.

ultrasound skin treatment benefits

Ultrasound technology has been shown to be more effective than many other skin treatments such as laser treatment and surgical procedures. Instead of targeting the outer layers of your skin, Ultherapy can penetrate further and deliver collagen to the deepest layers of your facial skin. Positive effects of ultrasound can be visible within days after your first treatment and provide healthier skin and a more beautiful you.

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