How to Turn a Garage into a Game Room

Is your garage idle, or do you need to create a game room and don’t have space in the main house? Worry no more since you can turn your idle garage into a game room. Making this modification isn’t complicated, and it’s a process you can do yourself. You only need some time, few tools, and the urge to turn out things.

update your garage into a game room

With a proper gaming room, you can have much fun without having disruptions and enables every family member to have fun any time of the day. This article will discuss some steps of turning your garage into a game room. First, it’s crucial to analyze the space.

Analyze the space

Before making any changes or deciding to turn your garage into a game room, you have to check if it’s feasible. The idea should not create other inconveniences. For example, if you are still parking your cars in the garage, the idea of turning it into a game room might not be good. The garage must also be ideal for a gaming room in space, ceiling, walls, windows, floor, and other components. According to gaming experts from Workout HQ, your game room must have the right space in width and height to effectively accommodate your gaming. You will have to take its measurements and look at its elements, including the floor, ceiling, windows, built-in features, and much more, to ascertain if it can fit for a game room. If it’s good to go, you can now clean out the area.

Clear the area

Clearing the garage might be the hardest thing to do, but it is the initial process before you embark on other things. Clearing must be thorough and complete. You will have to transfer all the items entirely and, if possible, donate, keep, or throw those that appear trash. This process is hectic because most garages store excess items, waste, and other junk that has no place in the house. You can keep the removed stuff at the backyard shed, basement or any other area deemed fit and ensure the garage is entirely unoccupied. After removing everything, you can then do the cleaning.

Clean out the area

Clearing and cleaning go hand in hand and can be done concurrently. After you are done removing all the things, it’s now time to clean and sanitize the area. Cleaning should be thorough and must be done from top to bottom, sides by sides, and even the exterior. This cleaning helps prevent dirt, dust, and grime from affecting equipment or individuals using the game room. Besides cleaning, check for the areas that need repair or plastering to ensure your garage surface is even and clean. Since the gaming room will almost be a living space, it has to get painted, well lit, climatic controlled and must have outlets to make it as comfortable as possible. You can also add some wallpapers and carpets to make the area habitable if it turns out to be rough.

Focus on the fun

After doing all the challenging tasks, it’s now time to customize and fill your game room. You need to decide what to include in your game room to make it look convincing and serve its intended functions. In it, you can consist of a pool table, board games, crafts, puzzles, and anything else you might have on your list. If you do play video games, you can include a large TV screen depending on the room and proper lighting. It would be best to think of the sitting arrangements and decorations to make your room complete. After you are finally done with the essentials, it’s essential to have some refreshments in there. Put in a fridge with some assorted drinks.

creating a garage game room

Finalize your project

After doing all these, your game room might be good to go, but checking it out to ensure everything is okay is essential. You can check on blogs online on additions you can include in your garage and, if possible, ask professionals about things you can change or add in your garage, depending on the final appearance. You should also carry out some tests on the installed equipment and make the necessary changes until when everything is good to go.

After you complete your transformation, you can invite your family and friends to launch your gaming room. This process involves allowing everyone to carry out their activities and see if they enjoy everything you have put. Some of the games to add to your gaming room include ping pong, pool, and billiards, air hockey, Foosball, among others. With the simple process explained above, you can easily create your game room and enjoy it in the evenings or weekends with friends and families.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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