How to Take Care of Your Sun-Kissed Hair

For hair care professionals or anyone mindful of hairstyles, Sun-kissed hair is a common term. Sun-kissed hair is a lightened hair from the mid to the ends while leaving some patches naturally dark. It's for individuals who want to give their black hair a sun-kissed glow. There are so many ways of doing this, including using highlights and other means to check from your stylist. In this article, well discuss how to take care of your sun-kissed hair without much hassle. There are multiple ways of doing so, including the below.

how to take care of sun-kissed hair

1. Enhancing Them With Shine

You can use shine products to make your hair shine and look glowing in the eyes of many. With this method, you apply the shine to the hair; leave it for five minutes, and rinse. You can get several shine products out there, but you have to take due diligence to avoid falling into fakes. The best shine light does not only make the hair glow and shine but protects it from frizz. You can apply it to the hair when blow-drying and then add some more after spraying. This process will maintain your sun-kissed hair all year round if done correctly.

2. Trim and Tone

Sun-kissed hair does not have much maintenance. You only need to maintain it well and save the costs of maintaining your hair. If done correctly, you can take a month or two before returning to the stylist to have it trimmed and maybe toned again. The tone begins to change after a while due to washing and other environmental factors. Before then, it's essential to be taking care of your hair by trimming it and coloring some areas affected by the sun. You can trim and maintain your hair by creating beach waves, then bending it with a flat iron or wand iron. By doing this, every other appointment with your stylist won't last long since they won't have so much to do. Doing this, you will also make the sun-kissed effect reflect easily.

3. Keep it Simple

If you want to maintain your sun-kissed hair for a long time, it's advisable to keep everything simple, including the highlights. The stylist should add highlights around the face and ends, but avoid too many additions into the sun-kissed hair. The hairstyle color should bring out the sun-kissed effect while maintaining the natural dark roots. The highlights should at least match with the roots. When the roots are brown, you can consider having caramel highlights and blonde touches on the face and at the end. Ensure you use a shampoo with blonde color and one with natural effects to maintain your hair all-around without damage. Apply the hair color at least three to four times a year. Get a perfect stylist, and don't overdo it to avoid spoiling the blend.

treat sun kissed hair

4. Hair Color Should Contain Flecks of Light

Do not get it wrong; the hair color you apply to get the sun-kissed effect should contain some specks of light. Using flecks of light and depth marbles will ensure you have sun-kissed hair throughout the year, which you can confidently boast with it. You can use different techniques and styling according to your face and shape of the head. A good hairstylist will show you how to match everything to bring out a unique look. Train yourself to customize each color you apply to create a unique look that doesn't resemble other people or your previous style. Ensure there is a matching outfit too to avoid contradiction.

5. Use Conditioner and Hair Vitamins

There are different ways you can have sun-kissed hair. It's either you were born naturally with it, or you had your stylist do some magic to have it. Regardless of how you got it, your hair requires care to make it last. The light pieces on the hairline and ends are always fragile and may need an intense conditioner to make them last longer. Other people use masking on this to avoid the pieces breaking or splitting, and it makes the hair longer than when left without care. You can feed your hair with fortified vitamins to ensure it grows and maintains its natural, healthy glowing look.

A sun-kissed hair is reflective and gives someone an appealing look if maintained well. There are different ways to strengthen the hair, as detailed above. To keep your hair glowing and shining all year round, visit your stylist at least once after two months and use lightning methods to maintain it. By doing so, you will keep the sun-kissed effect for longer, reducing unwanted expenses. Use the details now for a better looking, sun kissed-hair.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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