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How To Make Your Meals Perfectly Balanced

It can really be intimidating to transform your lifestyle to become healthier. You’re pretty much starting from scratch in the way you think about your body and the food you eat. But as intimidating as it can be initially, once you get into it and the training wheels come off, you’ll never look back. This is because you’re going to feel so good and look so great that you’ll wonder why you never did this sooner. A big part of leading a healthier lifestyle is altering the way you eat. Ensuring that you have balanced meals can be a bit tricky at first, and this is why we’re going to provide you with a simple and easy guide to help you create perfectly balanced meals.

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Vegetables That Are Rich in Fiber

No good diet can exist without a decent helping of vegetables. The key to having a perfectly balanced diet is to always remember to include some vegetable or the other every day. You want to make sure that the veggies you choose are super rich in fiber so that you’re getting what your body needs from them. All vegetables are wonderful, but always remember to include broccoli, cauliflower or kale in particular because they are super strong in their fiber content. 

You Can’t Go Wrong with Spices & Herbs

If you want to really bring your meals together to have them packed with flavor and healthy additions as well, then focus on your spices and herbs. You can either use dry or fresh, but experiment with them because often the two variations give off different flavors. These are essential to any and every meal because you need to integrate flavor to really enjoy your meal, and that’s what food is all about at the end of the day. So when you’re going healthy, remember that it can be fun and flavorful as well. 

Proteins are a Must

Regardless of whether you are a carnivore or not, your body needs some kind of protein. If you’re okay with including meat in your diet, then always go for grass-fed meat because organic is always best for your body. Look into finding fun recipes such as a herb butter filet mignon recipe that packs on the flavor and really allows the meat to stand out. The same goes for chicken and generally any grass-fed meat that you might be interested in. If not, there are alternatives that provide protein such as mushrooms and pulses for those who are vegan or vegetarian. Protein is essential because it does wonders for your metabolism amongst other things.

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The Good Carbs

Yes, there is plenty of food that is not good for you because of the number of carbs they include, but did you know that you still need carbs? Just the good ones. For instance, stay away from anything that is packed full of sugar, because that’s where all your bad carbs live. Instead, you can take on the good carbs that you can find in any starchy vegetable such as potatoes, or go for some quinoa in your salad or even as a substitute for rice. At the end of the day, you should get yourself tested by everyone once in a while to see what the situation is, because different people have different needs for their bodies, and you may just need more carbs than what is advised within any diet. 

Healthy Fats are the Way to Go

We’ve reached a time where we’re able to be better informed about how our bodies work and to put it in the simplest terms, your body does need fat, is just you need to be picky about it, that’s all. This means you need to integrate food like eggs, avocados, and nuts for snacks to ensure that your body is provided with the right kind of fat.

You want to create balanced meals that include all of the factors mentioned here, and you also need to make sure that you stick to this on a daily basis. At the end of the day, you first need to get a better understanding of the condition of your body, what your metabolism rate is, what kind of deficiencies you might have, and a number of other factors that add up to your overall health and state. Once you have a better understanding of this, you’ll be able to draw up the right meal plan and know how to balance it by knowing what your body needs more of, and what you need to keep your diet balanced and delicious at the same time. 

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.