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How to Delay the Knee Replacement

Our bones and joints naturally deteriorate as we age. The knees are particularly susceptible to damage due to activities like running and jumping.

tips to delay knee replacement

One of the solutions offered in the medical world for damaged or aged knees is knee replacement. They replace the joint with an artificial one made from materials like titanium or carbon fiber.

They will typically last for a lifetime unless you damage them or are involved in some type of injury. It will depend on how you use your body once it are installed. Knee replacement is usually the option of last resort but it can be avoided. The following are ways through which you can keep your knee healthy and delay the knee replacement:

Strengthen Your Muscles

One of the things you should do to delay the knee replacement and simply for health is to strengthen your body. You should strengthen the muscles around and in the knee in particular. The knee joint has various tendons and ligaments that hold it together. The stronger these muscles are, the less likely you are to damage your knees.

The muscles in your thighs and below your knee like your calf are vital for protecting your knees as well. A full-body strength and resistance training routine at least three times a week should be sufficient to strengthen your knees.

Lose Weight

Another factor that puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your knees is your weight. Maintaining a healthy weight is not only important for your knees but also for proper health. Obese and overweight people are the ones bearing the most of knee pain. The more weight you carry, the more pressure it applies to your knees. Strengthening your muscles can help you because they will assist in bearing the load.

There are two crucial ways to lose weight; being more active and eating a healthy diet. They go together and work best in combination so don’t just do one of them.

Knee Sleeves

If you are afraid that your knee is getting weaker, then getting it some support is a good idea. A great method to support your knees is to wear knee sleeves.

Knee sleeves will keep your knee joint sturdy so it does not get overextended whether working out or doing other activities. The professionals behind For Knees say that these sleeves should be strong, yet light and comfortable. You should be able to wear them during the day under your clothes to protect your knees.

Knee sleeves are beneficial in other ways including offering compression to the knee allowing for a wider range of motion. Moreover, they increase blood flow to the knee, reduce swelling and minimize any pain which should help delay knee replacement.

Take Supplements

Your nutrition is vital to the health of your knees. It will not only help you lose weight but it will also ensure that you can delay knee replacement.

There are many supplements you can take that are beneficial to your knee. Vitamin, mineral, herbal, and dietary supplements all help your knees and your health.

Supplements like glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin can also help alleviate joint pain from arthritis and reduce the progression of the disease. You basically have to supplement your diet with everything it is lacking.

Avoid Injuries

It is impossible to live without ever experiencing an accident in life. However, there are some accidents that are completely avoidable.

If you can avoid getting a knee injury, you should absolutely do it. It may involve wearing protective gear when working out and playing sports such as knee braces.

Another way to avoid knee injuries is to warm up before any intense physical activity and to cool down afterward for at least five minutes. Causing your knee to extend before it is ready is one of the main causes of disease.

how to deal with knee pain

Go to Physical Therapy

Most people only go to a physiotherapist after being involved in a gruesome accident and suffering a debilitating injury. The truth is that you can visit a physiotherapist even when you are perfectly healthy.

A physiotherapist will especially work with you to improve the knee’s range of motion. You can avoid much knee damage by simply being more flexible. Physical therapy will also be effective in helping you reduce knee pain. Chronic knee pain is one of the leading causes of knee replacement surgery.

You should do as much as you can to avoid knee replacement. Losing weight, being active, going to physical therapy, and avoiding injuries are only the beginning. If you can take great care of your knees, you will enjoy tremendous health into your old age. If you don’t, knee replacement is all but assured.

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By Susan Harris

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