How to Create Your Own Makeup Kit

Making your makeup kit helps you save time and effort trying to find each piece of your cosmetics collection. If you’ve ever needed to go to a friends house or get ready for a date night, it helps to have everything in one easy to find place so you can get it done fast.

A good makeup kit is not difficult to make and it is one of the most fun parts about makeup. You have so many options to build a good little cosmetic kit that you can experiment with and have fun with, but there are some staples to a good kit. Here is how to make a good kit.

how to create your own makeup kit

The Basic Functions of a Good Kit

To begin, there are a few basic functions your makeup kit should serve. They are; quality (good products over cheap), flexibility (multi-use products like brushes that can be used for lips and blushes), and cleansing (good products that will help clear your face). These three basic tenets should be the building blocks of any good makeup kit.


A good powder is something your makeup kit needs. You can find them for setting (contouring) and eyebrow powder, but they are essential in any case. Powders a cheap way to add some important makeup tools for your cosmetic needs. Choosing a good palette depends on your skin tones, so you want to figure out what colors will work best for your complexion when you add them to your kit.


Foundation is another must-have for a makeup kit, as are all the key makeup components listed here. Foundation creams should come in multiple tones so you can always have one that fits what look you are going for. Obviously, like a good powder, you want a palette that fits your natural skin color, but it is good to have a wide range of foundations. Your foundations, following one of the key principles to making a good makeup kit, should also be able to act as a concealer or be used as a tint and moisturizer for versatile use.


Makeup can take a toll on the skin if you use it too much or if you use low-quality products. These makeup products can damage the skin by drying it out, making it too oily, or clogging pores. Adding some good skincare like moisturizers, pore cleansers, cleansing pads and wipes, and other skincare products helps you build a functional makeup kit that keeps your skin looking good and feeling good too. Skincare is one of the most important parts of maintaining a great cosmetic kit so don’t skimp out on the quality on this one. 

Eyeshadow and Eye Products

For the eyes, you have two main needs: eyeshadow and eyeliner. These are two of the makeup products you will be able to use for your eyes to help accentuate your lashes or make the color of your eyes pop, or whatever else you decide to do with your eye products. Good eyeliners are not cheap, but they are worth it for when you decide to glam it up for a date or event. Eyeshadow palettes can be moderately priced but also serve a good use as they can last a long time with proper application. You also want to include lash curlers and fake lashes/glue for boosting your look.


Everyone’s favorite part of a makeup kit is a good lipstick. Choosing lipsticks is not as daunting as finding a good color palette for foundation, powders, or eyeshadows because lipstick is relatively cheap for a decent-sized tube. It is also easy to experiment with lipstick so there’s no harm, no foul if you end up picking a subpar lipstick. This one you can have fun with because you can try them on with ease. You should pick colors that match your foundation and skin but have fun with it too.
DIY makeup kit tutorial


Lastly, you need a good set of brushes for applying powders and foundations. Going back to those principles of a good makeup kit, you can find brushes that work for multiple purposes to help make use of as many products as possible. This is a smart idea to make sure that you can get more bang for your buck with your cosmetic tools.

There you have it, making your makeup kit is pretty easy. There are a lot of products but when you understand some of the basics it becomes much easier to start working towards building up your arsenal of goodies.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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