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How to Choose the Perfect Exercise Bike for You

Staying active is essential when you are trying to maintain a healthy body. For many people, going outdoors and exercising on a regular basis at a gym or by running outside is not always an option. This can be a result of them being really busy for long hours or even because of drastic weather conditions, and more recently due to the lockdown restrictions.

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Luckily, there are still ways for people to train their muscles indoors and get the exercise they need without ever having to leave their homes. Training machines like exercise bikes have it super simple for individuals to cycle within the comfort of their own homes and get as active as they need to in a fun and healthy way. Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect exercise bike for your home.

Set a Budget and Advancement Level

Getting an exercise bike is a relatively big financial investment. That is why it is important that before you choose any particular type of bike, you set yourself a proper budget. It is also vital for you to know just how advanced you want your bike to be. Some bikes are made merely for routine cardio exercising indoors where you would hop on and off for an hour or two every day just to burn some calories and stay fit. Whereas other types are made specifically for more advanced athletes who need more vigorous training and would need a bike that can endure a more intense workout. Deciding on the level of your workout is essential and will also help you determine what budget would be suitable when you are picking your new bike.

Compare Features

Stationary bikes come in a variety of models and designs and have a wide variety of features. As mentioned by the experts at, when you are in the process of choosing a suitable bike, it is important to decide on what features matter the most to you and compare different models to see what works best for your needs. Some bikes are quite technologically advanced and come with displays that measure your vitals as you workout, as well as offer you a small entertainment system to enjoy your time while you are busy getting fit. Other types may simply have basic features that just start and stop the machine using buttons and may also display some key vitals.

Check Weight Limits

Using an exercise bike is something that anyone can use effectively regardless of their body shape or weight. However, some bikes are made to handle certain weight limits that others may not be able to. That is why when you are trying to decide on the best bike for your home gym, make sure you check the weight limits on that specific model so that you do not end up disappointed after your purchase.

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It is recommended that you ask the vendors and read some reviews to get a better understanding of which bikes are more durable and suited for specific weights. You won’t be able to get the most out of your biking workout if you’re unable to use it effectively.

Consider Noise

Most machines make noise, even those made for indoor exercising. Exercise bikes are no exception to that rule but some bikes make less noise than others. That is why before you make your purchase, consider checking just how loud the bike is so you don’t end up resenting working out because of how noisy the machine is. If you live in an apartment or in a place where your neighbors may complain, then this is something that you should definitely prioritize and consider when you are shopping for a stationary bike, as it could massively sway your decision on certain models.  

Exercising indoors is now becoming more and more popular as many people struggle to find the time to hit the gym or workout outdoors. Regardless of what your circumstances are, having a stationary exercise bike in your home can be the best way to get active within the comfort of your own home and maintain a fit body without any effort. When you are deciding on which bike model you want to purchase, make sure you do a lot of research in advance and read some reviews to make a well-informed decision. Remember to set yourself a budget before anything and do not hesitate to compare the same machine in different stores to get the best possible deal. If you keep these considerations in mind, you’re bound to get the perfect bike to give you an all-around workout.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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