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How to Choose Gym Equipment for Your Home

The latest developments in the world gave us another perspective of the gym membership and just like millions of people started to work from home, many fitness buffs moved from local gyms to their houses and apartments. With tons of equipment available in the market today, it is pretty easy to set up a real gym at home.

how to choose home gym equipment

The rich choice of various machines and trainers can easily suit all tastes, fitness levels, and budgets but unless you do not live in a huge castle, you have to select the equipment smartly, buying only things that you really need and will use. If you are not quite sure what to put on your must-have list, here is expert advice on how to choose gym equipment for your home.

Functional Trainers

A functional trainer is perhaps the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of a home gym, and with a good reason – it is that sought-after all-in-one solution that guarantees a full-body workout. A combination of many different machines, they come in a variety of sizes and chock-full of various weights, bars, and pulleys. How do you know which one is your perfect fit? Experts from Strength Warehouse USA explain that there are a range of important moments to consider: the quality of materials, maximum durability, sturdy pull-up bar, adjustment smoothness and simplicity, and, of course, warranty. Set aside enough time to study the offering and read reviews of the models you are interested in. The general advice is to stick with renowned brands and look for trainers that provide for greater flexibility.

Stationary Bicycles

If you are on the lookout for a great cardiovascular workout that doesn’t require plenty of effort and strong physical condition, then safely call off the search because you’ve just found your perfect match. Stationary bicycles are a super option for all ages and fitness levels, and you can always adjust the training sessions in accordance with your needs. When shopping for an exercise bike, opt for a model that has a comfortable and easily adjustable seat and toe clips. It also makes sense to pay a visit to a local store and try whether the seat is soft enough, so you won’t have to buy a cushioned one separately later. Look for models that offer a wide range of speeds.
pick a treadmill for your home gym

Another useful piece of equipment that lets you walk or run whatever the weather conditions. The first thing you should look at when buying a treadmill is a powerful motor because the stronger the engine, the longer will last the machine. Also, the belt of your treadmill has to match the length of your stride, it is especially important for people who are taller than the average. The majority of treadmills offer a broad range of speeds, from slow walking to fast running pace. Make sure your weight fits the model you are going to buy.

Rowing Machines

These machines are not something every home gym really needs but many people highly value the benefits they brought. Rowing machines are great for a total-body workout with a special focus on the simultaneous work of the back, arms, and legs. Experts recommend giving preference to pulley models, not piston ones, especially if you are striving for an authentic rowing experience.


Stair-steppers alone can’t offer a full-body workout but they serve as an excellent low-impact exercise for everyone lazy enough to use stairs. Wittiness aside, if used properly, it can be a great option to lose weight and tone muscles, all the more so, some models are equipped with special levers that have hand grips to work arms. Just a heads up, if you have problems with your knees, skip stair-steppers and find other equipment. Anyway, the most sophisticated models will offer independent foot action and fairly large stair platforms.

Cross-country ski machine

If you are a fan of cross-country skiing, then you might want to buy one of those state-of-the-art machines able to simulate the real skiing experience. The best in their class ensure seamless sliding motion that is light on the knees while your arms and legs work simultaneously. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between models where skis move independently and those where you have to move one ski forward to force the other ski to go back.

Whatever your fitness goals, you can reach them without an expensive membership at a fancy gym. If you know your needs, it is easy to choose the proper equipment for your home gym and exercise whenever you want.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.