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How BoingVert as a Program Can Increase Your Vertical Leap

Launched in 2011, BoingVert is a physical endurance program that claims to help individuals boost their vertical leap and jump height. It is aimed at those who want to improve their endurance, get good at sports such as basketball and volleyball, and aspiring athletes who wish to improve their jump height. While there are several vertical training programs and exercises that improve vertical leap height, BoingVert is one of the most popular products of all. The developers of the program, Shawn Myszka and Kelly Baggett, guarantee huge gains within a short period. Here is how BoingVert can increase your vertical leap and improve your endurance.

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Structure of the Program

As mentioned, BoingVert aims at improving an athlete’s vertical leap through a combination of two styles of programs, which are:

  • Animal Program: Based on plyometrics
  • Monster Program: Based on the athlete’s strength

The other two programs recently included are named Savage and Method X.

Animal Program

This program is designed to last 16 weeks and includes a set of exercises that don’t need weights or any kind of equipment. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and you can practice it in your living room. Based on the data retrieved from over 100,000 users, the Animal program helps increase around 7 inches of vertical increase on an average. The program is based on a 4-phase plan that is divided between 16 weeks. The creators claim the program to be backed by scientific studies (a set of clinical experiences and research), which makes it more effective. The program costs $23 and can be accessed lifetime.

Monster Program

This program comprises 11 weeks and is a lot more intense than the Animal program. The creators claim the program to be backed by scientific data and thorough research, which guarantees its success. Upon taking this program, you will be guided under the influence of a set of Eastern European and Russian training secrets, which are lesser-known. Before you begin training with the Monster program, the creators recommend taking the Animal program first as it is lower in intensity and helps you prepare for the Monster program. Hopping on to the latter directly may cause serious injuries. This program costs $33 and can be accessed at any time.

Both these programs are sold separately and cannot be bought together. For better results, combine both of these programs and implement them with consistency. However, get enough rest in between rounds as it can be too intense. Overworking yourself and failing to take rest between both programs can result in sprains, muscle damage, or soreness. The recommended time period to rest between both programs is around 2 to 3 weeks. This will also help you get better results and improve your endurance.

Another program, which is the Lifetime package, combines both programs and comes with additional features and benefits. Along with the Animal and Monster program, you can access every future program that will be introduced in BoingVert. You will also get a program called BasketballBrain, which gives you tips and trains you to play basketball while staying in bed. On top of it, you can get free access to the BoingVert app that is available on both iOS and Android. You will also get assistance on performing the jumping technique and mastering it. Other popular programs and series that can be accessed for free include the Jump Form series, Don’t Get Tired, and many others. Lastly, buy BoingVert apparel at 10% off with this program. The total package costs $79.95 and can be accessed lifetime.


Several programs similar to BoingVert are gaining popularity. These include Jump Manual, Vert Shock, Bounce Kit, and many more. If you want to try something new, Here's a good jump program that will help you achieve the results you want. Most of these programs improve flexibility, enhance endurance, and increase vertical leap.


All in all, you can gain these benefits from the BoingVert program –

  • Improves flexibility: Whether you use the Animal program or the Monster program, you will notice an improvement in flexibility.
  • No need for equipment: You can perform the exercise anywhere. A simple bench or a mat on the floor of your living room will suffice.
  • Improves form: ‘Jump Mastery’, a section included in the program, focuses on form and jumping movements.
  • Increases vertical leap: The program is designed using scientific research that effectively increases jump height.
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Even though it is believed that BoingVert was popular due to the success of Jacob Hiller’s ‘The Jump Manual’ program, the success rates have helped the program carve its own niche and surpass the competition. One of the major reasons behind this program’s popularity can be attributed to its marketing strategy. It is heavily promoted on social media pages and YouTube. If you want to see notable results and increase your vertical leap, give BoingVert a try today.

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