Postpartum & Mental Health

Products I recommend for pregnancy:
Vita Lea with Iron-multivitamin that contains 100% or more of the DV of all vitamins for pregnancy and beyond
Osteomatrix-Calcium, Vit D, K, and Magnesium
B Complex-for folic acid & mood
Vit D3-for extra D3, especially during winter
Omegaguard-EPA & DHA
Optiflora-Pre & Probiotics
Energizing Tea-for a non-coffee form of energy

Products for Labor:
Performance-electrolyte drink for endurance and hydration
Energy Chews-for energy!
180 snack bars-for some nutrition
Life Shake-contains pre and probiotics, plus omega 3 and will help with energy and provide nutrition

Products for Postpartum:
Life Shakes-for energy and nutrition
180 meal bars-because sometimes you have to eat with one hand!
Physique-for recovery after birth
Stress Relief Complex-for baby blues
Herb Lax-for constipation
Continue taking Vita Lea, B Complex, Optiflora, D3, and Omegaguard, or take Vitalizer to get everything all in one!

*I am not a physician. These are recommendations based on Shaklee’s own research and development and anecdotal evidence.