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No matter what your health and fitness goals are, we strive to provide our readers with a complete resource of health and fitness articles that will answer any questions they may have.  Whether you are trying to find the best workout to build stronger legs or trying to figure out a diet to lose an extra few pounds, Rooted Mama Health has you covered.

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tips for hydration

6 Things That’ll Help You Stay Hydrated

Did you know that our body is around 60% water? It’s no wonder then that staying hydrated is so important for our health. Dehydration can cause all sorts of problems, from headaches and dizziness to more serious conditions like kidney stones and seizures. Even mild dehydration can lead to decreased

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eating fermented foods

The Many Benefits Of Eating Fermented Foods

Italian Zucchini and baked salmon may not be the first examples that cross your mind when you think of healthy foods. However, an increasing body of research shows that a diet that includes fermented foods can offer you health benefits. Fermentation is a technique that has been used throughout time

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tips for weight loss supplements

Benefits of Taking Weight Loss Pills

Obesity has been a great challenge to overcome for the contemporary world. The rise in the popularity of soda drinks, junk food, and extended work hours with no proper sleep have all played a role in rising obesity across the globe. People with obesity and overweight issues may take a

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balanced meal

How To Make Your Meals Perfectly Balanced

It can really be intimidating to transform your lifestyle to become healthier. You’re pretty much starting from scratch in the way you think about your body and the food you eat. But as intimidating as it can be initially, once you get into it and the training wheels come off,

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learn about weight loss supplements

How Supplements Can Help You Lose Weight

The need to be physically fit and healthy is rooted in our DNA. When the balance is disturbed, some begin tight dieting processes. Others create schedules for workouts and yoga classes. The different efforts narrow down to getting rid of excess calories from the body. Science also has something to

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learn how to make a green smoothie

How to Easily Make Green Smoothies

Green smoothies are a great source of nutrients and a good way to hit your fruit and vegetable five a day quota. Smoothies tend to retain the beneficial fibre content from them, unlike juices, which maximises the goodness your body absorbs. If your body is crying out for a green

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benefits of a keto lifestyle

Benefits of the Keto Lifestyle

As you probably already know, a keto diet is an eating plan that allows you to eat food rich in healthy fats and proteins, as well as very little carbohydrates. The main idea is to get fewer calories from carbs, and more from fat. The way that this diet works

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breast cancer awareness

6 Signs That Show Your Breasts Are Healthy

Just like any other body part, your breasts can develop illnesses and disorders. The majority of women experience some sort of breast disorder in their lifetime, may it be a minor or a major one. It varies from one woman to another, depending on several factors. The immediateness of being

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tips for buying a bench press

Qualities to Look For When Buying a Weight Bench

Whether you’re looking to pack on mass or maintain what you’ve got, a weight bench can serve as the foundation for any workout regiment. With the right add-on equipment, you can easily engage all your muscle groups using just your bench. If you’re shopping around, then consider these points before

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benefits of using phone health apps

How Health Apps Help Our Daily Lifestyle?

It’s been a strange and hectic year, and everything that has taken place in 2020 has brought everyone’s attention to the value of healthcare. It has also made us quite wary of wanting to visit hospitals and clinics because we always have that nagging fear at the back of our

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what is crossfit training

What Is so Special About CrossFit Training

There are many ways to stay fit and healthy. Others prefer dieting, others prefer exercising, and many do both. Like dieting, there are many ways to work out as well. You can do sports and other specialized types of exercises that fit your wants and needs.  If you’re looking for

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health benefits of a stationary bike

Health Benefits of a Stationary Bike Workout

Many people wrongly assume that the only benefit of working out on stationary bikes is burning calories. However, the fact is that besides burning body fat, it is also a highly effective way to make your lungs, heart, and muscles stronger. It also comes with several additional benefits, especially when

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tips to delay knee replacement

How to Delay the Knee Replacement

Our bones and joints naturally deteriorate as we age. The knees are particularly susceptible to damage due to activities like running and jumping. One of the solutions offered in the medical world for damaged or aged knees is knee replacement. They replace the joint with an artificial one made from

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how to stay healthy during this time

How to Stay Healthy in This Unhealthy World

Staying healthy is the number one goal for almost everybody in today’s world. Moreover, it is a good idea to stay healthy for the sake of yourself and the people you love. By staying healthy, you can avoid hefty financial debts caused by medical problems, and you always feel energetic

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best supplements for joint health

Supplements That Can Strengthen Your Joints

Many people take supplements to support various parts of their mind or body. Joint issues like pain, fragility, and tightness can often be a problem for us, and supplementation of particular vitamins, minerals, or other compounds is a great way to prevent these issues. While some prevent the pain from

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creatine powder supplement

What You Should Know About Creatine

More and more people are becoming aware of how fitness plays a critical role in our lives. Especially with the onset of the Coronavirus, more of us have been forced to be faced with our current health conditions and what it is we need to do to ensure we lead

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how to choose home gym equipment

How to Choose Gym Equipment for Your Home

The latest developments in the world gave us another perspective of the gym membership and just like millions of people started to work from home, many fitness buffs moved from local gyms to their houses and apartments. With tons of equipment available in the market today, it is pretty easy

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how to find a dentist

Qualities to Look For in a Dentist

Just like any other medical professionals, dentists have to inspire trust in their patients. After all, many people find going to a dentist extremely stressful or even terrifying. However, you still need to have regular visits and make sure your teeth are in good condition. Keep in mind that you

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old school new body complete workout review

Old School New Body Review

Have you found it difficult to stay in tip top shape and keep your self fit as you grow older?  Is it difficult to find the free time to focus on building the body and lifestyle you have always dreamed of?  If any of this sounds familiar to you, then

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slow carb diet results and before and after photo

Slow Carb Diet Results

The slow carb diet is something that has been talks about as one of the most realistic diets for the average person.  Many diets out there seem great on paper, but are nearly impossible to stick with because of how complicated and difficult they are to follow.  But if you

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kayla itsines diet and workout program

Kayla Itsines Diet

I have been getting a lot of requests to write a blog article about Kayla Itsines and her famous Kayla Itsines Diet.  This is a diet that has really grown in popularity in recent months and continues to have more and more faithful followers.  So, I thought it would be

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wynonna judd weight loss journey and wynonna judd diet

Wynonna Judd Weight Loss

Wynonna Judd is known around the world for being an award winning country singer, but in recent years she has been famous because of her incredible weight loss journey she has gone through.  Even though her husband had gone through an terrible scandal, Wynonna Judd was able to take this

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how shonda rhimes lost weight

How Did Shonda Rhimes Lose Weight

You may know Shonda Rhimes as the famous creator of Grey’s Anatomy, but this isn’t exactly why she is getting attention these days.  Shonda Rhimes is all over the news because she is opening up about how to was able to lose an amazon 150 pounds! If you are wondering

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issa rae weight loss journey

Issa Rae Weight Loss

Issa Rae is known throughout the world for being an HBO actress, but she is in recent headlines for her incredible fitness journey.  If you are curious about Issa Rae or the Issa Rae weight loss journey, then we will outline the complete journey in our guide. Issa Rae may

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keto chicken pot pie recipe

Keto Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Chicken pot pie can be thought of as the ultimate comfort food, but it can be hard to find a low carb option.  But now you can finally eat a flavor filled keto chicken pot pie that your family will love!  Keto Chicken Pot Pie Quick Recipe A good old

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Sara Sigmundsdóttir looked different than she does now before starting crossfit

Sara Sigmundsdóttir Before Crossfit

Sara Sigmundsdóttir is one of the most well known female crossfitters in 2019 because of her outstanding performances in recent regional events.  If you follow Crossfit you may know Sara as a complete beast of an athlete, but at 27 years of age, she did have a life before being

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a complete review of macrostax macro counting application

Macrostax Review

If you have been around the nutrition and fitness industry for awhile or are new, you have probably heard the term macros thrown around.  If not, we will go into detail about this later in the article, but it has typically been a pain to count and calculate your macros.

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Best substitute for battle ropes

Substitute For Battle Ropes

Battle ropes have grown in popularity in recent years.  Just a handful of years ago they were hard to find but now it seems that nearly every gym has at least one set of battle ropes.  They are one of the few exercises that people love to use because it

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Sara Sigmundsdóttirs injury history

Sara Sigmundsdóttir Injury

Sara Sigmundsdóttir has become a household name in the CrossFit world as she is seen as one of the best athletes of 2019.  No matter who she is competing against, you can believe that Sigmundsdóttir will be leading the tempo the entire time. An athlete that is known for her

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woman drinking a cup of tea

Best Green Tea Brand

Drinking coffee every morning has become a daily obsession for a large percentage of the population.  But more and more people have been switching to green tea because of the great health benefits associated with green tea.  Our team has absolutely loved transitioning from coffee to green tea and we

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a list of products that Organifi sells

Organifi Red Juice Reviews

Red juice is one of the most popular superfoods that gained tremendous traction in 2019 and we believe it will begin to grow in 2020.  If you have heard of red juice then you are probably familiar with Organifi as they are one of the leading brands when it comes

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why you should use turmeric root powder

Best Turmeric Powder

If you spend anytime in the kitchen or watching cooking shows then you probably have some experience using turmeric.  It can be used in a wide variety of different dishes or as a way to add some more color to your food, but turmeric is most commonly known for its

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what juice has iron in it

Juices High In Iron

Iron is known for being one of the most important components for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular health.  Iron helps support a healthy and strong red blood cells as well as helping with other issues such as fatigue and lack of energy.  Unfortunately, most people don't receive enough iron in their

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view san francisco

Top 10 Healthiest Cities In The U.S

The location of your home can have a huge impact on how healthy your lifestyle is because of the availability of exercise, healthy food, and cultural pressure.  Our team utilized the American College of Sports Medicine’s most recent American Fitness Index where they assessed the fitness levels of 100 American

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sara sigmundsdottir diet

Who Is Sara Sigmundsdóttir?

Millions of people in the past year have joined their local CrossFit gym in order to get into better shape and to compete with athletes in their area.  They typically have a great workout and a pretty solid diet plan, but when you compare it to world champion CrossFit athletes

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golden paste recipe

Golden Paste Benefits

Golden paste is a handmade substance that has a variety of other names such as golden milk, turmeric paste, but it is most commonly known as golden paste.  It gained popularity in the past few years but the origin of golden paste can be traced backed to ancient Indian culture.

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turmeric gold on a spoon

Liquid Gold Weight Loss

Have you every heard of the term liquid gold?  If you have been around the fitness industry for a few years then you may have heard the term and heard how it offers weight loss benefits.  But unfortunately, most people who have heard the term before don't have a good

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