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No matter what your health and fitness goals are, we strive to provide our readers with a complete resource of health and fitness articles that will answer any questions they may have.  Whether you are trying to find the best workout to build stronger legs or trying to figure out a diet to lose an extra few pounds, Rooted Mama Health has you covered.

Recent Health And Fitness Articles

old school new body complete workout review
Susan Harris

Old School New Body is a workout program that has been incredibly popular for many years now.  We do a complete review of the workout program to help you decide if it is the best program for you.

slow carb diet results from hannah

Susan Harris

The slow carb diet has gained an incredible following in recent years.  And with men and women achieving incredible weight loss results, we highly recommend you checking it out.

what kayla itsines eat on a daily basis
Susan Harris

Kayla Itsines is known around the world for her unbelievable diet and fitness coaching.  But have you ever wondered what is the day to day of the famous Kayla Itsines Diet?  If so read more below.

sara sigmundsdottir diet

Susan Harris

Sara Sigmundsdottir is one of the most accomplished Crossfit athletes in the world.  To learn what her daily diet looks like, read more below.

wynonna judd weight loss journey and wynonna judd diet

Susan Harris

Wynonna Judd has been popping up in magazines recently for amazing weight loss journey.  Learn more about it by clicking below.

how shonda rhimes lost weight

Susan Harris

Shonda Rhimes may be famous for writing some of your favorite shows, but she is also getting attention for her weight loss journey.

issa rae weight loss journey

Susan Harris

Issa Rae's acting has been killing it recently, but her weight loss journey is just as amazing!  Read more about her weight loss below.

keto chicken pot pie recipe

Susan Harris

Chicken pot pie is the ultimate soul food, and it can be difficult to eat if you are on a keto diet.  But not anymore!

What Sara Sigmundsdóttir looked like before Crossfit

Susan Harris

Sara Sigmundsdóttir hasn't always been a professional Crossfit athlete.. This is a look at what she looked liked before training Crossfit fulltime.

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