Got Bitten By Your Neighbor’s Dog? Here’s What You Should Do

Dogs are known as man's best companion. The many instances you will find a dog curled up at your feet with its fur rubbing against your skin is uncountable. They are also playful mates as they run around after the ball in playing sessions together with you and your family in your backyard.

what to do if you are bitten by a dog

However, beneath the fun, calm, and security nature of dogs, there is room for something going wrong. Here's why- you may, unfortunately, have a dog bite. Should such an incident happen, you may worry about the best course of action to take. Thankfully, the guide below offers a practical go-to procedural method to follow should your neighbor's dog bite you. The incident may vary depending on the dog breeds involved as well as other factors that come into play.

The Photos

After a dog bite, it is advisable to take photos at the scene immediately. The pictures will help recreate the incident with the help of your legal counsel when seeking compensation. For instance, you can take photos of the location, extent of the dog bite, clothes you are wearing, and even a close-up shot of the dog. Ensure the images are clear.

Pictures of your injury following a dog bite are instrumental in improving the legality of your case when seeking compensation.

Gather Information

It is advisable to gather all the relevant information that can help build your case. It may include the name and contact details of any witnesses present who can collaborate with your side of the story. You can also have the name of the dog and the address of your neighbor. Additionally, it is also advisable to record the insurance company, date, and even time of the incident. You can also inquire about the last dog vaccination against rabies.

Rabies incidents have gone down significantly over the past and are close to nil, but do not take any chances. There are a small percentage of casualty cases. You wouldn't want to be part of the statistics. 

Medical Attention

It is essential to have prompt medical attention and treatment after the dog bites, no matter how trivial it may appear. The severity of the injuries depends on the age, species, exposure to the dog, and the bite area. Dog bites may result in severe wounds and infection if left untreated for some time.

Along with the physical injury, you may also have pain, immobility, difficulty performing everyday functions, and even emotional torture following the pain, suffering, and discomfort. 

Get Legal Counsel

A professional attorney is one of the best decisions following a dog bite. Here is why.

You have enough piling up in your court with your medical treatment, and having legal skirmishes will be the last thing on your mind. However, a reliable and personal injury attorney such as Brown & Hobkirk will help prove your case following a dog bite and advocate for the most reasonable compensation plan. Additionally, they will also manage witness interviews and even communicate with the insurance company.

The value of your compensation can increase depending on the extent of your injuries, negligence by the dog owner, or even a reckless disregard for the dog owner's value of life. Additionally, your lawyer understands the different statute of limitations, which may vary from one state to another. 

Remember Animal Control

Also, remember to file the incident at the relevant animal control unit in your state. It gives you the upper hand in identifying whether the specific dog has a record of dog bites, which further helps claim compensation based on negligence on the dog owner's part.

Furthermore, filing your report under your local animal control will help eliminate potential dog bites in the future. It will also help you make a fair and reasonable investigation following the incident to help you get appropriate compensation benefits.

learn about legal action with dog bites

Gather Appropriate Documentation

The proof of the dog bite following the incident comes in handy in helping a lawyer build a case for you. It is advisable to document the extent of your injuries and the medical evaluation as well. It may include a copy of all your medical records during the treatment process, pictures of the injuries, and even all written documents of the doctor offering consultation and diagnosis for the dog bite.

It is also advisable to record all expenses you incur in facilitating the treatment plan, like transport and accommodation when seeking treatment. Additionally, you can include a summary of all the medical bills. Another critical record includes lost income when not working due to the dog bite, which helps in your case. 

Always adhere to the doctor's instructions to avoid the risk of infection to the bite area. By managing the dog bite effectively, you rest assured that your recovery will happen sooner.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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