6 Surprising Gifts That Will Make Your Man Laugh Out Loud

Choosing a gift for men is often quite challenging. Sure, an expensive watch or a new pair of trainers make great gifts, but they are not exactly creative. What’s even better than getting your male friend or partner a gift that they love is getting them a gift that will crack them up and bring them joy any time they see it.

boyfriend and girlfriend laughing

However, it takes a lot of creativity to come up with funny gift ideas. If you want some inspiration, stick around; we’ve gathered 6 funny gift ideas that will have your man laughing out loud.

1. Mocking Letter

Everyone has that one thing about their partner that they can’t change, so instead, they make fun of it any chance they get. Most of the time, pointing out these things in a sarcastic manner is very funny, especially if your man has a good sense of humor. What about putting them in a lovely handwritten letter? Handcraft a beautiful letter with a lovely envelope, then start writing down all the funny things about your man that make you laugh. Decorate the letter and envelope, then hand it to your man. It will be fun to watch his face as he reads it, thinking it is a romantic letter.

2. Custom Superhero Poster

If your man is a comic book addict who can’t stop talking about his favorite superhero, he will like this one. Customize a poster of him as his favorite superhero. Don’t go overboard while editing the poster, just make sure to add some filters that will blend his face into the picture and make it look realistic. The more awkward it looks, the funnier it will be when he sees it. Wrap it nicely and wait for his reaction when he sees his face on his favorite superhero. He will surely love it and laugh every time he sees it.

3. Custom Taco Holder

Most men love food-related gifts. It’s something they can enjoy and find value in. If you’re having a hard time finding a unique gift for your man because you don’t know what he likes yet, then food is a safe choice to go for. You can get him a bouquet of bacon roses along with a fun taco holder. He will most definitely enjoy the bacon roses and find the taco holder very funny and useful at the same time, especially if he is a taco lover. You can find taco holders in many fun shapes and colors. Imagine having a dinosaur hold your taco for you on their back! They are also useful whether they are used for display or for a special taco night with friends.  

4. A Funny Bobblehead

Even if they don’t represent a specific character, bobbleheads are fun collectible items that everyone loves. You have a custom bobblehead made of their favorite cartoon or comic book character. You can even get a customized bobblehead of your partner. Give them a custom-made bobblehead for their car or desk, and they will appreciate the laugh it will give them whenever they see it.

bathroom gifts

5. Bathroom Decorations

Bathrooms are usually quite basic when it comes to decorations and design, but you can spruce up your partner’s bathroom by decorating it with some funny accessories or artwork. Imagine reading funny jokes off a roll of toilet paper. A picture of a celebrity staring at them while they use the bathroom will definitely make them laugh out loud. Anything is funnier when placed in the bathroom, so get creative and decorate your man’s bathroom to keep him entertained while hogging the bathroom for hours.

6. Mopping Shoes

If you are tired of nagging your partner to clean, you can get him something creative and funny that will make him excited to clean. Mopping shoes are special shoes that have dusting mops attached to the bottom, so that person wearing them can clean the floor while casually walking around. This is a fun and practical gift that your man will love. They are also very funny-looking, so they’re sure to make him laugh. 

Try to be as creative as you possibly can when choosing a gift that will make the special man in your life laugh out loud. The simplest ideas make for the funniest gifts so you don’t have to worry about the budget when shopping for funny gifts for your man. It will actually be more special if the gift was customized or handmade; your man will appreciate it when he sees that you have put some thought and effort into the gift to make him happy.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

Susan Harris is the owner of Rooted Mama Health. She is the mother to two amazing children and wife of a loving husband. She strives to provide the world with all the information they need to live a happy and health lifestyle.