6 Gifts That Will Help Your Grandpa Stay Presentable and Good-Looking

Celebrating the holidays together is always a beloved and enjoyable time. One of the most cherished aspects of getting together and celebrations is the chance to give each other presents and see the joy on everyone’s faces. Some family members may struggle with gifting others, and for those that are unsure of what types of things their grandfather would enjoy, here is a list of suggestions that will help your grandpa stay presentable and good-looking.

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Running Shoes

Not everyone is a sneakerhead that follows the biggest trends happening in the shoe world. This doesn’t mean that your grandparents don’t deserve the comforts of a great pair of running shoes. With the shoes that you choose for your grandpa, it is smart to prioritize comfort. This is especially helpful if they are active and walk or jog often. One other consideration is weather-resistant technology, as many shoes now offer waterproof capabilities. Consider your grandfather’s needs and see if you can help out with a little joy. Be sure to throw in a pair of insoles to give them the extra comfort and support as well.

Classy Watch

A watch or timepiece is the perfect gift that shows off your class. The right watch can complement your look and even be a great talking point in any outfit. There are many models and styles to choose from, so it is a good idea to have a grasp of your grandfather’s preference. Otherwise, you can never go wrong with a minimalist watch. These pieces will not only be great to look at but are often much easier to read than other modern watches. Your grandfather will surely keep and cherish the watch you give for years to come.

Fleece Sweater

Winter is a cold time of the year. You want to always ensure that you stay warm, whether you are going out or simply spending your holidays indoors. Fleece is a great material to use for cold weather as it keeps its wearers very warm. Get your grandfather a fleece sweater to keep them toasty but also looking great. The added bonus of getting certain sweaters is that they provide great layering options, whether you want a collared dress shirt to go beneath or something more casual.


As you get older, gift-giving changes in terms of asking for things that you want, to giving more appreciation for receiving things that you need and might not think to purchase yourself. Bathroom toiletries such as razors fall under this category. Of course, when you are gift-giving, you don’t just want to give a generic razor that your grandfather uses, but splurge a bit for it to actually feel like a present worth getting. A lot of pricier electric razors are convenient and help make your shaving a lot faster. One of the other great benefits of electric razors for an elderly man is that they will see a significantly less amount of cuts. One thing many men understand is that you can still cut yourself while shaving, and this is most common with traditional shavers that are equipped with blades. Your grandfather might not ever consider getting himself an electric razor, but you know he would appreciate it.

Facial Cleansers

Your grandfather may not be accustomed to using facial soaps and cleansers for their skin, but there is no better time to start than the present. As you age, your skin begins to lose its elasticity and becomes more wrinkled. There are ways to stall the aging process with different creams, lotions, and moisturizers. If your grandpa is hesitant, perhaps having a spa day together could encourage him to try something he is not used to. You never know, he might enjoy it and start to be a consistent user of such products moving forward.
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During the winter season, your extremities are at risk from the cold and snow. One way to solve this problem in a practical and fashion-forward manner is with some nice leather gloves. These will provide your grandfather with the warmth they need when they are driving or even just spending time outdoors while also looking great. Make sure that you get ones that fit well and have the insulation and layering that you need to keep your hands and fingers nice and toasty.

Giving your grandparent the right gift can sometimes feel difficult to do. This is especially the case if you do not spend as much time with them as you can. However, grandparents are amazing in a way that they will love and appreciate anything you give them. And don’t forget that one thing you can do is to spend more time together as well.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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