Getting a Mountain Bike For Your Husband? Here’s What You Need To Know First

Gifting your loved ones something special that you know they will like is a great way to show your appreciation to them. If your hubby is an enthusiastic cycler, then a mountain bike can be just the perfect gift for him. Mountain bikes are known for their sturdiness, especially on rough terrains.

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They are stronger than average bikes, and they are easy to drive regardless of the rider’s proficiency. Bikers also get to explore new areas that do not necessarily have smoothly paved roads, such as hills, valleys, and mountains. Moreover, they allow riders to escape the traffic because mountain bikes can be ridden on any terrain. However, before buying a mountain bike for your husband, there are several things you should consider first.

Mountain Bike Types

The first aspect to think about is what will the biker use it for. Like cars, mountain bikes typically have several types and styles, each has its purpose. Choosing the right bike depends on the kind of riding a person prefers. There are many categories for mountain bikes. Some of the most common ones are:

  • Trail: it is one of the most common and practical mountain bike models. This bike specializes in all kinds of trails, as it holds its own well and can perform admirably with climbs.
  • All-mountain and Enduro: this type is designed to withstand steep and slippery hills and mountains. Bikers can feel the real action of the enduro and all-mountain bikes when they drop downhill.
  •  Cross-country (XC): if you desire a longer and faster ride, then cross-country bikes are the ones for the job. Their weight is decreased to give room for speed and increase efficiency.
  • Downhill: as the name implies, this type is specialized when you cycle downhill. This is where its peak performance stands at. It is a good candidate if you need to experience steep terrain with high speed, but it is focused in the downward direction.

The Components of the Bike

As you pick the best type of mountain bike for your husband, you will notice that there are various shapes and structures to choose from. The difference results from the bike’s components, such as shifters, gears, and brakes. These components factor in the overall price. Recently, it has been all about lighter gear, which constitutes a more durable bike.

To be more specific, the durability of a bike depends mainly on the frame material and the suspension. The frame can be made from aluminum and carbon alloy to reduce the bike’s weight and increase its durability. As for suspension, it determines how a mountain bike absorbs shocks. Bikes with full suspension offer great shock absorption and stability. On the other hand, common hardtail bikes mostly endure impacts on smooth trails only.

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The Wheel Size

Determining the wheel size you desire is essential because it lets you take more control, especially with obstacles and bumpy roads. Generally, there is a standard of twenty-six to twenty-nine inches for the wheel size. Large sizes offer more rolling over obstacles easily. However, the larger the size, the harder they are to handle. At the end of the day, you can choose an intermediate size that gets you the best of both worlds.

The Fitting of the Bike

Here, the size vitally matters. So, it should fit you like a glove. The right frame size is the primary concern for many people. To be certain, the person should try it out to see if the saddle, paddles, and grips are suitable for their body. Checking out size charts from big brands is a good idea. However, numbers and measurements are not always accurate if you do not do them in real life. When you stand in front of the bike, be sure to measure the distance between the bars and the saddle as well as that between the mid-head tube and the center of the crank.

Mountain Bike Accessories

While riding a bike in normal clothes is acceptable, it will be more comfortable when you gear up for the ride. As a biker, you should think of how rides can cause pain or discomfort due to sitting in contact with the saddle for long periods. This is why wearing mountain bike trousers or shorts can protect you from backaches. Additionally, it is better to wear gloves to avoid friction in your hands.

Cycling is a rejuvenating sport to take up. It provides several health benefits, such as strengthening joints, building muscles, and regulating blood circulation. Luckily, there is a wide variety of bikes on the market, of which the most popular are mountain bikes. Since they ride steadily and smoothly on rough terrains, mountain bikes are a good option for beginners and pros alike. If you want to surprise your athletic husband with a mountain bike, the above guide will help you choose the best one.

Susan Harris

By Susan Harris

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